Sunrider Calli Tea
Sunrider Calli Tea
Sunrider calli tea

Regular Calli Tea -
60 bags - $69.50

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Night Time Calli Tea -
60 bags - $75.88

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Calli Tea Regular, Mint, Cinnamon & Night Time
Sunrider has used Calli Tea for more than 20 years. Now many other beverage manufacturers claim that they "discovered" the various health benefits of drinking green tea. Calli Tea however is so much more than just green tea. It's an exclusive delicious beverage that assists in weight loss and increases mental clarity

Sunrider fortune delight

10 bags - $11.88
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Fortune Delight
Fortune Delight is concentrated and comes in powder form. Catechins are naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals found in Camellia extract, the primary ingredient in Fortune Delight. These antioxidants are effective in absorbing damaging free radicals.

60 bags - $69.50
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sunrider sunpack

Sunpack - $120.15

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The Sunpack includes Calli green tea to fight free radicals, Sunbreeze oil for muscle pain and bruises, Goldenseal Root as body tonic, SunnyDew, Fortune Delight, NuPlus, Quinary Caps, Shaker Bottle and a product pack or gift set brochure.

Sunrider evergreen

10 x .5 fl. oz - $39.44

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The highly concentrated chlorophyll in Evergreen addresses the body's circulatory and digestive systems. All natural, Evergreen does not contain artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.

Sunrider quinary

100 Capsules - $43.20

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Quinary supplement helps maintain your physical health. It addresses the body's systems collectively as well as individually. These blended herbs are maintained without preservatives or synthetic chemicals.

Sunrider beauty perls

28 Pills - $41.13

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Beauty Pearl
The special Beauty Pearl supplement formulation is based on the Philosophy of Regeneration whereby the body naturally regenerates itself. Healthy skin goes through a natural cycle of renewal and Beauty Pearl helps your skin maintain its natural beauty.

Sunrider sunnydew  

1 Bottle (1 fl. oz) - $19.60
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Sunny Dew supplement is a potent blend of stevia leaf extract and chrysanthemum flowers. The stevia in SunnyDew undergoes a unique purifying and concentration process that preserves the natural structure found in its whole food form.

Sunrider sunbreeze  

6 x .17 fl oz Bottles or 6 bottles of oil- $66.15
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Sunbreeze Oil
Sunbreeze oil is a powerful herbal oil that relaxes and soothes tired muscles. It is ideal for overall rubdowns and surprisingly effective without the use of chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Sunrider vitashake

10 Packs - $24.56

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Unlike other brands that contain chemically processed or animal-based protein powders, the soy protein in VitaShake is similar to super-concentrated tofu. This makes VitaShake a wonderful nutritious shake for young and old people who require easily digestible food.

Sunrider slimcaps  

100 Capsules - $39.69
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Vitalite Slim Caps
Vitalite Slim Caps are all natural weight-management capsules, made without chemical and synthetic additives. As part of a sustainable weight-management program, we recommend daily exercise in conjunction with a sensible diet, including high-fiber, low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean white meats or fish.

Sunrider slimcaps  

50 caps - $39.63
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Fast Results for a Healthy, Trim Body
SunTrim® Plus is a fast-acting formula that works from the first time you take it! This groundbreaking supplement works by helping you feel fuller so you don’t overeat. As you continue to take it, SunTrim® Plus can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating habits.

Sunrider slimcaps

One Nourish, Balance, Cleanse Month's Supply
- $171.95

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Nourish, Balance, Cleanse includes:
1-10 pack NuPlus
2-10 packs VitaShake
1-10 pack Calli Mint
2-10 packs Fortune Delight
1-10 pack Quinary
1 SunnyDew


See What Others Say...

  My husband is a marathon runner and with the addition of Vitashake, Calli Tea, Fortune Delight and the Sunrider sports products, he is pain free with no aching muscles after training and running a marathon.

Our children love Sunrider and we each share Sunrider with all friends and acquaintances.

Rachel Pallesen
Buffalo, MN

Within two weeks of beginning to consume the Sunrider products, I was feeling more alert and energized.
I even gave up my two pots of coffee a day, pop and sweets with very little effort.

My running has improved and I run farther and more often with fewer aches.

I no longer need an inhaler to help me breathe normally when I'm done running.

I lost weight and inches and I feel great!

Sue Sorensen
Buffalo, MN

I was introduced to Sunrider when I was 43 and completely exhausted as a dairy farmer's wife and professional photographer.

Calli Tea, SunBars, Fortune Delight and SunnyDew replaced my diet soda and sugary junk foods and I lost 50 pounds in a year, going from a size 16 to size 8.

I have unbelievable energy and no longer take painkillers daily.

Joan Hohag
Waverly, MN
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Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider SECRET #3: Sunrider's Calli Tea Gives Sharon Stone More Energy Every Day To Feel and Look Her Best

Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider SECRET #5: Find Out What Unique Ingredients Make You Healthy And Lose Weight Fast Without Ever Dieting. Sunrider Calli Tea helps you with that

Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider SECRET #7: Retired Couple, Ken & Judy Henders, Feel Strong and Energetic While Playing Tennis, Because They Drink Sunrider Calli Tea Every Day.

Sunrider Fortune Delight

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