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What is Calli Tea and Why Is It
Better Than Green Tea?

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You must have heard that drinking at least 3 cups of green tea is good for you; it has lots of healthy antioxidants that help in flushing out the toxins that have accumulated in your body. But what if you found out that there is something better out there? Would you be willing to give it a try? That something that I am talking about is Calli Tea.

What makes Calli Tea better than your usual green tea? Well Calli Tea, more specifically Sunrider Calli Tea, does contain green tea leaves, which makes them similar, but Calli Tea has some added ingredients that make it a lot better. Basically green tea has a lot of health benefits, like antioxidants, but it also has a couple of negative effects on the body, namely the caffeine that is in the tea.

But in Sunrider Calli Tea the added ingredients actually help boost all of the positive effects of the green tea and in the same time reduce the negative effects. The additional ingredients in Calli Tea are specially formulated and concentrated in order to give maximum benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of drinking Calli Tea:

  • It enhances mental alertness and increases energy levels
  • It helps cleanse the body from the inside
  • It improves digestion
  • It helps you get relaxed in order to get a good night's sleep
  • It greatly aids natural weight loss efforts

Sunrider Calli Tea comes in different delicious flavors like mint and cinnamon, there is also a variant called Calli Night for people who are having a hard time going to sleep.

If you would like to avail of Sunrider Calli Tea and other wonderful natural health foods just go and visit their website so you can take a look at the other health products and their benefits and place your order.

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Sunrider Calli Tea

See What Others Say...

  My husband is a marathon runner and with the addition of Vitashake, Calli Tea, Fortune Delight and the Sunrider sports products, he is pain free with no aching muscles after training and running a marathon.

Our children love Sunrider and we each share Sunrider with all friends and acquaintances.

Rachel Pallesen
Buffalo, MN

Within two weeks of beginning to consume the Sunrider products, I was feeling more alert and energized.
I even gave up my two pots of coffee a day, pop and sweets with very little effort.

My running has improved and I run farther and more often with fewer aches.

I no longer need an inhaler to help me breathe normally when I'm done running.

I lost weight and inches and I feel great!

Sue Sorensen
Buffalo, MN

I was introduced to Sunrider when I was 43 and completely exhausted as a dairy farmer's wife and professional photographer.

Calli Tea, SunBars, Fortune Delight and SunnyDew replaced my diet soda and sugary junk foods and I lost 50 pounds in a year, going from a size 16 to size 8.

I have unbelievable energy and no longer take painkillers daily.

Joan Hohag
Waverly, MN
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Sunrider Calli Tea

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Sunrider Calli Tea

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Sunrider Calli Tea

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