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Your health is one of the essentials of life and Sunrider NuPlus can help maintain and improve your nutrition.  Sure there are hundreds of health stores and organic markets to buy your food but in many cases, commercially prepared organic health food makes compromises. This means you end up spending more than what you should because the food products have been diluted to stand shelf life and if we’re honest with each other, you know that you have to buy so many different products to get the complete nutrition you need.

Have you been inside an organic health store lately? The products sold are so individualistic. You cannot find a complete food item because it usually lacks one essential ingredient. Thus instead of being able to enjoy better health on a budget, you scrimp to buy what you can afford. You don’t have to do this. With NuPlus, you get a concentrated health drink that won’t be incomplete like commercially prepared organic drinks. NuPlus is not available in health stores which may be the reason why you not have heard of it before.

NuPlus is a product of Sunrider, a company which has been around since 1982. With Sunrider NuPlus, you can mix a quick drink in the morning and have fulfilled all the nutritional requirements your body needs to get going for the day. It boosts your metabolism and helps your body to regenerate. In layman’s terms, Sunrider NuPlus assists your body in being able to grow new body cells while keeping you energized. You will be less prone to injuries and sickness because you would have been able to effectively boost your immune system.

While it will not burn fat, NuPlus can stimulate it by keeping you feeling full and sated. One reason we have a hard time maintaining or losing weight is because our metabolism slows down and we feel hunger. Sunrider NuPlus removes these road blocks so you can lose weight.

Sometimes, media hype is just that – hype. You need to start looking for results … and NuPlus has it in volumes.

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Sunrider Calli Tea

See What Others Say...

  My husband is a marathon runner and with the addition of Vitashake, Calli Tea, Fortune Delight and the Sunrider sports products, he is pain free with no aching muscles after training and running a marathon.

Our children love Sunrider and we each share Sunrider with all friends and acquaintances.

Rachel Pallesen
Buffalo, MN

Within two weeks of beginning to consume the Sunrider products, I was feeling more alert and energized.
I even gave up my two pots of coffee a day, pop and sweets with very little effort.

My running has improved and I run farther and more often with fewer aches.

I no longer need an inhaler to help me breathe normally when I'm done running.

I lost weight and inches and I feel great!

Sue Sorensen
Buffalo, MN

I was introduced to Sunrider when I was 43 and completely exhausted as a dairy farmer's wife and professional photographer.

Calli Tea, SunBars, Fortune Delight and SunnyDew replaced my diet soda and sugary junk foods and I lost 50 pounds in a year, going from a size 16 to size 8.

I have unbelievable energy and no longer take painkillers daily.

Joan Hohag
Waverly, MN
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Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider SECRET #3: Sunrider's Calli Tea Gives Sharon Stone More Energy Every Day To Feel and Look Her Best

Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider SECRET #5: Find Out What Unique Ingredients Make You Healthy And Lose Weight Fast Without Ever Dieting. Sunrider Calli Tea helps you with that.

Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider SECRET #7: Retired Couple, Ken & Judy Henders, Feel Strong and Energetic While Playing Tennis, Because They Drink Sunrider Calli Tea Daily.

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