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Calli tea sunrider

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Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunbreeze Oil

Sunbreeze oil sunrider

Sunbreeze oil sunrider6 x .17 fl oz Bottles or 6 bottles of oil- $66.15

Sunrider Calli Tea

Fortune Delight

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Fortune delight sunrider60 bags - $69.50

Sunrider Calli Tea


"Check Out Christine's Sunrider Story.
You Won't Believe What Happened"

"Discover How Sunrider Calli Tea Helps Me Lose Weight, Cleanses My Whole Body & Makes Me Feel GREAT - FAST"

Sunrider Calli Tea

My Sunrider Story

By Christine Marek 

Thanks to Sunrider, my life has changed so much for the better since I have been eating Sunrider foods.

Before I was introduced to Sunrider, I lived a life of constant, chronic pain and limitations. I felt myself degenerating both mentally and physically.

My concentration and memory was awful. I lived in a fog from the medication I was taking to numb the pain all over my body. I was tired and depressed with life.

My parents told me to go to the doctor when you are sick and that’s what I did time and time again. The Doctors I met with for evaluations said I had a bad case of Candida (yeast eating my body).

"I Was In Constant Pain Before Sunrider"

In March of 2009, I met a client that shared with me her Sunrider foods. I liked them right away. They made me feel so good when I ate them.

I’d already known the power of herbs and how they could heal. So I gave then a try. Then I bought my first Sunrider SunPack.

This is the Nourish, Cleanse and Balance Sunrider package that got me started on a lifetime of Sunrider foods. These are the same foods I eat everyday of my well life now.  The are Calli and Fortune teas, SunnyDew (Stevia), NuPlus (food), and Quinary (food).

These Sunrider foods made such a dramatic difference in my life and my loved ones lives. By June 2009 I began facilitating community wellness classes to share these foods with others. People came to the classes sharing their wellness stories and exploring Sunrider with me.

At the beginning of 2010, my talented husband created this wonderful website for me, and since then I give these Sunrider foods to others every day. 

It’s such a gift to provide to anyone who wants to see what these foods can do for them. That’s why I give them to people all over the world to try. Just like I’ll do for you!

Today, I no longer live with chronic pain. The Sunrider foods helped me to feel better very quickly.

My thoughts are clear and positive. My weight is 118lbs, I am 5 ’2″, 47 years old. I am a body builder, an avid hiker, a business volunteer, business owner, wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend.

“I love life again to its fullest and
I encourage you to join me with

It’s easy, affordable and the best present you could ever give yourself.

Live, don’t diet, be well for a lifetime!

As Socrates said so long ago and the truth lives on..
“Let food be our medicine”.

Let Sunrider be a part of your food for optimal health.

Yours in healthy support,

Christine Marek, MBA Sunrider and Wellness Consultant

P.S. Ask me how my loved feels great by eating and drinking Sunrider foods, teas and supplements.

Sunrider Calli Tea

Sunrider Calli Tea
As I was sharing Sunrider whole foods with my patients, I discovered that I no longer needed to treat disease and symptoms.

For example I watched one patient feel better from eating Sunrider foods.

Rather than treating a person’s individual symptoms, I urge patients to nourish and cleanse their bodies with whole foods that includes Sunrider.

The healing and wellness results that have come from this are wonderful!

Dr. Jane Hendricks, NMD

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Sunrider Calli Tea

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See What Others Say...

  My husband is a marathon runner and with the addition of Vitashake, Calli Tea, Fortune Delight and the Sunrider sports products, he is pain free with no aching muscles after training and running a marathon.

Our children love Sunrider and we each share Sunrider with all friends and acquaintances.

Rachel Pallesen
Buffalo, MN

Within two weeks of beginning to consume the Sunrider products, I was feeling more alert and energized.
I even gave up my two pots of coffee a day, pop and sweets with very little effort.

My running has improved and I run farther and more often with fewer aches.

I no longer need an inhaler to help me breathe normally when I'm done running.

I lost weight and inches and I feel great!

Sue Sorensen
Buffalo, MN

I was introduced to Sunrider when I was 43 and completely exhausted as a dairy farmer's wife and professional photographer.

Calli Tea, SunBars, Fortune Delight and SunnyDew replaced my diet soda and sugary junk foods and I lost 50 pounds in a year, going from a size 16 to size 8.

I have unbelievable energy and no longer take painkillers daily.

Joan Hohag
Waverly, MN
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Sunrider Calli Tea

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Sunrider Calli Tea

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Sunrider Calli Tea

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Sunrider Fortune Delight

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