What Sunrider does for me! Tawanna says…

This is a Sunrider testimonial from one of my VIP clients.

Tawanna is a special woman, hard-working health care provider from Indiana.

These are her words..

The Calli & fortune delight teas are great. I’m starting to feel much better. Still a long way to go. My energy level during my 10hour shifts at work is good.  I found that I sleep better during the night and wake up refreshed. The Quinary I have not been taking at every meal, but I try to use it at least once a day. Oh, and thanks for the recipes. So take care and I’ll keep in touch as my health improves.

Thank you, Tawanna, for your feedback!

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551/ Sunrider Rep. and Wellness Consultant

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