What Makes Calli Tea So Special?

I was recently introduced to Sunrider and their Calli Tea products by a client of mine in May 2009. Since then I have not looked at tea, especially this tea, without a sense of wonder and appreciation.

Sunrider’s Calli contains many plants that I have learned can offer a combination of  nutritional components. Personally, I have discovered by drinking this tea that my body has felt a difference for the better. I never felt “healthier” after drinking any ice tea or hot black or early grey tea before. I felt warmer, I also felt pleased by the tastes, too. And commonly  I felt less thirsty. With caffeinated drinks I felt that edge of enerygy and vitality but was not entirely comfortable with that feeling. 

When I drink Calli Tea, besides feeling less thirsty and I d0 feel energized without an edge. I feel cleansed and lighter. I see an improved difference in my bodily waste discharges.  Sorry to go so personal but that is so important to include.

Every one of these signs and clues points to improved health. And when I drink Calli Tea I “do” see and feel an improved difference in my energy, water weight, and waste eliminations. I also feel, from those improved health conditions that I just listed for myself, that I have more mental clarity. And the best part is that I’m not the only one.

I hear this from all kinds of people. This tea is helping a lot of other people and they share their positive feedback with me all over the world. 

So what is IN this beneficial tea that helps so many and for so long, for more than 27 years strong?

I’ve learned that Sunrider’s Calli Tea, a distinctive delicious and delicate blend of natural herbal tea leaves. The actual contents are; Camellia extract (thus the name Calli), Lemon extract, Chrysanthemum Flower, Jasmine extract, and Lalang Grass Root.

My daily routine is to start the day enjoying Calli Tea which amounts to about 24 ounces, (2 of my coffee cups at home). I drink this instead of cups and cups of coffee with cream. When I feel the need to sweeten the tea I add Stevia with Sunrider’s Stevia product called Sunny ew. If I want some variety in my tea’s flavor I have a choice of regular, cinnamon or mint Calli Teas.

Always remember that the secret to a successful combination of herbs lies in the “synergy” that is created… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I enjoy the synergy of Sunrider’s Calli Tea and I hope that you also enjoy the feeling and benefit of them, too.

Christine Marek
Sunrider Fan and Independent Consultant
P. 480.491.9551

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