What is a Sunrider NuPlus Meal?

    Sunrider’s NuPlus is a great way to replace a less than nutritious meal because NuPlus is a rich blend of whole fruits and vegetable, packed with vitally live nutrients. Specially chosen foods have been combined and concentrated in a powder form. 

   NuPlus is nearly 70% complex carbohydrate with more than 20% vegetable protein and very low in fat. Some of the many ingredients include: coix fruit, soy bean, Chinese yam, fox nut, lotus seed, lotus root, waterlily bulb, green bean, red bean, black bean, white bean and imperate root. 

   Athletes love to use NuPlus to improve performance and people recovering from illness find it substantially aids their recovery. It’s been my salvation when I’m not feeling good with nausea, migraines or both. But I especially love it and use it everyday as my whole food fast food with my busy days. There’s nothing better than knowing I’m getting my nutritious meal without much work or time involved.

    Many times I add my favorite fruits to it, some almond milk and I’m off to work or play. It’s amazing how it makes me feel so good.  I also love how it’s hardly any calories, too. How’s that for win, win, win….

   NuPlus is highly nourishing with its herbal rebuilding formula has a strong regeneration effect on the adrenal, reproductive glands, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and nervous system.

   Now that’s a great, happy meal. 

   Check out my articles about how to eat NuPlus and the potential benefits of Sunrider NuPlus on this website, www.GetWholeFoodNutrition.com 

   Make Sunrider’s NuPlus to your liking and enjoy. Order it retail on my website or call me for wholesale pricing opportunities. 

Health and much wellness to you!

 Christine Marek p. 480.491.9551




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