Calli tea- Fortune Delight Fans Enjoy the Ultimate MaxFit Plan-Will YOU?

Hi! My name is Christine Marek, I’m fighting for wellness and winning.  If this sounds like a fight for living BEST, that you want, too, then join me for the Ultimate MaxFit Plan TODAY

This is how it works…

Get Started… eat the right foods! Purchase the Get Fit NOW Sunrider SunPack for $108.50. Order your Sun Pack with the button at the top of the page, and let me know you are fighting for your wellness. This starter pack includes a supply of cleansing teas, nutritious meals, balancing supplement, soothing oil, water bottle and brochure. Each month the food is $5 a day! $5 a day for maximum fitness and optimal weight.. are you worth $5 a day?

Bonus*Receive the 100 Day Journey to Optimal Health Guideline Book

Bonus**Receive Typical Day to Wellness Outline

Bonus***Individual support and team support* covering holistic fitness methods for optimal health such as fitness programs, nutrition suggestions, wellness book recommendations, rest and meditation recommendations, and much more for wellness. * (Weekly phone meetings do occur.)

Get the most nutrition EVER, be fit and loose or gain weight LIVING the healthy way. Note: This is NOT a diet.  Call me today to get started!

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant

3 Responses to “Calli tea- Fortune Delight Fans Enjoy the Ultimate MaxFit Plan-Will YOU?”

  • nancy:

    hi christine, this sounds good! do you recommend calli tea first thing in the morning for energy before a workout?? also I usually mix my nu-plus into my soy yogurt with a little bit of added water… does this sound like a good plan? quniary after the workout to replemish the organs! I am having trouble with my modem at home right now, but I will still receive my emails on my blackberry!
    best wishes,

  • Admin:

    Yes, I have learned from Sunrider uses and Naturopathic doctors taht calli tea is recommended in the morning. And for me it does help with energy.
    I hear it does for so many others, too. But everyone is different so it’s a try as you go process. The Soy yogurt sounds great. Where do you buy it.
    Amen, to the Quinary, too. That superfood is so great for my body. Good luck with your modem. It was nice visiting with you.

  • Admin:

    Nancy, Yes I strongly recommend Calli instead of coffee first thing in the morning. Christine… do you need more info?

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