Turn DIET into a positive four letter word… LIVE!

Hi, … When you hear the word diet how do YOU feel?
If you are like me, the word diet is a nasty four letter word that brings on images of deprivation and no lasting results.

Diet is an awful word, so I’m changing my diet word to be LIVE and you can, too! Yes, I am living; making whole food choices in my day and loving how I feel and enjoying what I eat and drink. The kicker is I’m also maintaining my optimal weight, without deprivation. It is possible with nutritious Sunrider teas and foods accompanied with whole, natural, non-processed foods.

Here’s the best part- This food synergy not only aids in weight loss it also heals! Now that’s really living. My skin looks so much better, I don’t have migraines anymore, my allergies have subsided, the food gives me tons of energy, I don’t crave those awful empty-fat-producing carbs ANYMORE and I sleep so much better. (These are just a few living benefits I enjoy.)

If you want some of these same health benefits for let me know and I’ll send you a plan in a book, “The 100 Day Journey to Optimal Health”. This book will give you the simple, easy steps to weight loss and a healthier, healing life.


Chrisitne Marek
p. 480.491-9551
Christine@christinemarek.com/ www.GetWholeFoodNutrition.com
Enjoy Calli Tea with the rest of the World.. it’s the best~

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