Torrance Magazine features Sunrider Founder’s Focus on Optimal Health

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider International, is featured in the April 2010 issue of Torrance, California Magazine, (a quarterly magazine published by the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. The article, written by Wendy Teng and entitled “A New Approach to Health—the Philosophy of Regeneration,” traces the centuries-old tradition of herbal study in China and focuses on how Dr. Chen has pioneered his own approach to achieving optimal health, based on his personal experience and years in college, where he studied herbs and earned a degree in pharmacy.

The article describes how Dr. Chen’s unique approach is grounded in his Philosophy of Regeneration™, the blueprint that guides the formulation of all Sunrider® products. This philosophy advocates that “foods should not force the body to react, but should provide the nutrition for the body to take care of itself.” The four principles of this philosophy are explained in detail in the article.

To read the entire article, “A New Approach to Health—the Philosophy of Regeneration,” please see below.

A New Approach to Health—The Philosophy of Regeneration

In the United State, the interest in natural and herbal-based products has grown dramatically for the past few decades. In China, the study of herbs has been continuing even longer—for the past 5,000 years. In fact, one could say that the Chinese represent the longest human case study in the world. However, the relationship between nature’s bounty and the human body is complicated. For example, China has a long history of emperors who died young from an overaggressive use of herbs. Emperors wanted to be strong and mighty, so their herbalists prepared tonics with ginseng and other stimulating herbs. While those tonics increased the emperor’s strength and energy, they also had side effects such as anxiety, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure. Many modern medicines are derived from plants as well, but they too often have serious side effects.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider International, pioneered a different approach to health. As a young child, he was sickly and frail. His grandfather made herbal concoctions to improve Tei-Fu’s health. While Tei-Fu hated eating his grandfather’s bitter remedies, this early experience shaped the rest of his life. In college, Tei-Fu studied herbs and earned a degree in pharmacy. He recognized the power of ancient herbal wisdom and the technological advances for modern medicine. However, he thought that ancient and modern medicine took a curative approach to health—necessary in cases of illness and disease—but not the best solution for overall health and well-being. He believed that foods should not force the body to react, but should provide the nutrition for the body to take care of itself. He called this approach the “Philosophy of RegenerationTM.”

The Philosophy of RegenerationTM has four principles to guide us on the types of foods and products to use:1. Nourish + Cleanse = Balance. Our body naturally goes through cycles of “yin” and “yang”—inhaling and exhaling, eating and excreting, nourishing and cleansing. When yin and yang are in balance, we enjoy optimal health.

2. Foods, not chemicals. Supplements such as vitamin pills and protein powders are very popular. However, they often contain high dosages of chemical isolates that our bodies have a hard time absorbing. At best, our body excretes those chemical isolates. At worst, they can cause serious side effects and damage your kidneys. Our body recognizes foods, not chemicals.

3. Variety.
There is no perfect food. Every ingredient has positive and negative effects on the body depending on how you prepare, use, and eat them. We need to eat a variety of foods for optimal health.

4. Formulation and concentration. We don’t always eat as healthily as we should. We often need supplements to fill in our nutritional gaps. Formulation is very important to a balanced, healthy supplement. The formulator must have the expertise to choose the right ingredients and know how to prepare and combine them. Concentration is also very important. Most studies done on the benefits of antioxidants use high concentrations not found in nature. For examples, there are many reports on the benefits of resveratrol and the advice to drink a glass of wine a day. Unfortunately, to achieve the results of the study, you would actually need to drink 1,000 bottles of wine! With advanced technology, we can now extract and concentrate beneficial nutrients while minimizing negative ingredients. By following the principles of the Philosophy of RegenerationTM, you can enjoy optimal health and vitality.
Article provided by Wendy Teng. TORRANCE MAGAZINE APRIL 2010

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