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I love Calli Tea when I…

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Toothpaste is not created EQUAL. Find out why.

Sunrider’s SunSmile Toothpaste is wonderful for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

Here’s a quick video testimonial from Lorene about it.

SunSmilte Toothpaste

And here’s a note from Kevin about what he discovered when he switched over to Sunrider’s SunSmile Toothpaste.

I now use Sunrider Sunsmile Toothpaste and Whitening Gel!
I use to get cold sores (once a month) using Crest type toothpastes.
I have been getting cold sores in my mouth ever since I was 15 yrs old.
I have been to several doctors – they said it was my diet and I was allergic to food. Doctors gave me a bunch of pills to take  - which never worked.
Now I find out the tooth paste (Crest) I was using caused the sores.
I switched to Sunrider toothpast about 10 months ago and have not got any cold sores since then.
Too bad it took 40 years to figure this out!!
Thank You,
Contact Christine at 480.688-8147 if you want to order this wonderful toothpaste. Or email her at .

HCG Diet – Best Herbal Tea is Fortune Delight

Fortune Delight Teas are Amazingly Good for YOU! And it is highly recommended on the HCG Diet as one of the best Herbal Teas you can find!

$10 for a box of ten tea bags/ makes up to 48oz/ $56.25 for a box of 60 tea bags*

Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Teas are a very important and helpful part of my day.

They not only taste great but they give my body so many important gifts. This is what I’ve learned about Sunrider’s Fortune Teas;

The human body’s natural systems and processes remove impurities and wastes. Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Teas are one of Sunrider’s herb beverages designed to assist these natural elimination processes. While many of the undesirable elements we take into our bodies are quickly eliminated, others may be stored – and even trapped – in the body, especially in fat cells. Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Teas compliment the natural processes assisting in the elimination of wastes and impurities which may be stored in the body’s cells. Are you interested in a cleansing tea that has been found to improve digestion; increase energy and stamina; provide natural slenderness; and lower cholesterol levels? Explore Fortune Delight tea.

Everyday I drink 32 ounces of Fortune Delight Tea twice a day; in the morning and the afternoon. I mix one packet of the concentrated and dehydrated teas into 32 – 48 ounces of water. Please know that the Fortune teas come in lemon, peach, berry and regular flavors and mix the best with room temperature water.

If you like your tea a bit sweet like me, add Sunrider’s advanced liquid formula from the extract to the Stevia plant called SunnyDew ($15 bottle- lasts for months). Just one drop of this liquid keeps my sweet tooth appeased and my pancreas happy, too.

The ingredients of Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Tea (peach)  include the following;

Camellia Extract, an exotic blend of Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, LaLang Grass Root Extract, Apple Juice, Peach Juice, and it’s full of antioxidants.

The ingredients of Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Tea (lemon)  include the following;

Camellia Extract, an exotic blend of Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, LaLang Grass Root Extract, Lemon extract, and it’s full of antioxidants.

Christine Marek

Sunrider Fan and Business Owner

P. 480.491.9551

Sneaking Sunrider.. Testimonial for Wellness

Colleen Seton sent me this testimonial on 5.31.11  Thank you!

My name is Chiquetta Jarman (Trish).  I have a very unusual intro to SR story. A friend of mine told me of this place that was offering a yoga class, a massage, and a sauna for 5$ and said she was losing all sorts of fat… I couldn’t believe it and asked what the catch was…. She said, well you have to listen to this lady go on and on about her foods. I asked what those foods were and she said SR.

She did not know but I had been having a secret love affair with SR for 20 years. My father had brought me SR foods when I was pregnant with my first son. He didn’t know anything about them just told me to eat them and I did. I felt fabulous. I was in a religion that discouraged intake of caffeine and I was sure these foods had caffeine or something, somehow they had to be bad for me, I just felt so good. So I talked myself into not thinking I could afford them after father quit buying them. But being a weak mortal, I snuck them for the next 20 years. But, I would just allow myself to have maybe one guilty fortune or calli a day.

So,  I called this lady the moment I got off the phone with my friend and set up the appointment. I loved the offerings, but mostly I loved hearing about my secret love, SR foods. The second night I went, I found myself in the sauna with Colleen. We talked for  a while and I told her of my secret love, she assured me there was no caffeine, and asked why I wasn’t eating it 3 times a day….. I told her, “I can’t afford it.” She told me, “Don’t ever say that, you can have anything you want.” At that moment I knew it was true, I went away with the determination whatever it took I would have these foods. I realized the truth was, I could always have afforded the foods, I didn’t think I deserved to feel so good.

This time I learned about the foods, I learned about the Philosophy of Regeneration. I was hungry for information. I felt like the prodigal son coming home and realizing I should never have left. I had needlessly struggled and suffered for an extra 20 years. During these years I was in a constant search for answers to my lifelong health problems. Spending a small fortune on supplements and treatments. I have always sought out Organic foods and did not indulge in the standard American diet at all.

  • Well, after about 3 days on SR , what I would say was my lifelong depression, was gone. It has been over a year now and there has been no return.
  • My horrible hormonal imbalances, including horrific monthly cycles, with intense pain, bloating, and deepening of the depression was gone completely in about 3 months.
  • I have lost 23 pounds and 19 of them are fat pounds, which are usually the last to leave on a standard diet.

But as great as all that is, the best is yet to come… I have had a roommate for the last 5 years. The story starts out as us being best friends. Over the years the friendship had disintegrated into intense animosity on both of our parts. All I wanted was to make enough money to live on my own again. We truly barely spoke to each other for most of the time. After a while he saw another friend of mine while eating the foods lose 25 pounds in one month and my roommate invited himself to an educational meeting. Long story short, he started eating the foods, went vegetarian, changed in such awesome wonderful ways, we are, best of friends again, we are appreciating each other and have entered into a SR business partnership. I can’t believe how different we both are, he also was dealing with severe depression and neither of us knew how to free ourselves. Our lives are both full of hope, joy, and a sense of wellbeing that I never have felt in my life. As a health therapist, I share Sunrider with every person that comes to me, and every person I meet. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life sharing this miracle of health.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about Sunrider, The Philosophy of Regeneration and more.

Christine Marek- 480.491.9551/ Sunrider Consultant