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HCG Diet + Sunrider = Success…Week 3 Truths Uncovered

This Blog Post is a continued series of articles about Christine Marek’s  journey on the HCG Diet- beginning June 2011. She hopes these posts help others to be able to enjoy the Sunrider nutrition and benefits during the HGC diet process.

August 7, 2011-

I write this post on Sunday night 8 weeks after starting this blog ( 6/10/11). I am 8 pounds lighter. My goal was ten, I achieved 11 and I am no longer on an HCG diet.

You may be wondering what happened to my diet after week 2? I stopped blogging because life happened. My blogging prioirty was tosted down the list of things to do.

Here’s the updated truth…Into my third week I began my menses. My doctor advised me to stop the diet during this time of female cleansing. Actually I was relieved to go back to eating more calories. Even if I could have continued I’m not sure if I would have. I just did not feel very good on the diet.

The 500 caloric intake was so difficult for me. I was tired, cramping and my mental clarity was not strong, either. I didn’t even want to drive. Granted I was only on the HCG diet for 2 weeks and others say, including my doctor,  that HCG absorbed over time will increase my energy levels and also deter my food cravings. This arguable fact from many I did not test.

After I got off the diet I went on a California business trip and vacation. Yes, I was lighter as I hit a weight goal of 113 pounds. At the beginning I was 124. Best part was that even off the diet I kept losing. Yeah! I believe this happened because I kept to the recommended food intake only eating more. And then I have slowly  added the bad habit foods into my life. This includes  occasional alcoholic drinks, (yes, I love Pinot Noir), breads, some sugars and nuts. I so missed the nuts!

Hey, I’m not perfect and some of those foods I abandoned during the HCG diet I love and they ARE good for me. For instance SunBars are so yummy and I feel so good when I eat them.  It’s just that they are high in calories and/or complex carbs and I know I can only metabolize 1200 calories a day. If I want to loose weight I need to take in less calories. Plain and simple. I choose and those choices are reflected in my weight and body appearance. It’s also reflected in my mental attitude. Yes certain foods make me feel more confident and others can make me feel sad.

So far my weight has fluctuated from 116 to 120 pounds depending on what I splurge on.

Would I go on the HCG diet again? Probably not, but I am happy that I did because I had the toughest time getting my weight under the 120 pound plateau. I’ve been trying with no success for 6 years. Today, I believe I will  keep my weight maintenance thanks to the HCG diet for bumping up my middle age metabolism and I also thank Sunrider foods for keeping my weight down below 120. When I eat my nourish, balance and cleanse Sunrider foods and teas my weight is great. It’s when I eat the bad foods – sugar, pasta , processed foods, too large of portions, breads and alcohol I will gain back the weight.

Exercise has to be a big part of my weight maintenance, too. I love the look of lean, toned muscles on me and as I continue to excercise and discipline myself to eat foods that are best for me I’ll see more progress in my personal health goals. Heck, if I’m really good I could look like my favorite body builder friend, Jamie Ambler. … OK I’m dreaming. It’s not that big of a deal to me…yet.

It’s all about choices and I loved learning about them with the HCG diet. I’m sure glad Sunrider was there for me on this journey, too!

Let me know what you think about HCG Diets and Sunrider. I’d love to share my thoughts and education on this matter with you.

Fighting for my best health,

Christine Marek

Sunrider Consultant/ p. 480.491.9551


Sunrider’s MetaShaper is VERY Heart Friendly

February is heart month and it’s the perfect time to give your heart what it needs. MetaShaper with its wonderful catechin properties is just the gift to give your heart.Here’s exactly WHY…
In smaller amounts, Catechins are found in foods such as red wine, berries, and apples.   Another important polyphenol antioxidant is Resveratrol, which is a compound found in the skin and seeds of grapes. Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin and seeds of grapes.This potent antioxidant is somewhat different from other antioxidants in that it not only helps you neutralize free radicals, it can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect your brain and nervous system as well.  

Studies show that resveratrol may increase the lifespan in human cells and therefore be a determining factor in extending your longevity. Did you see this research study on 60 Minutes a few months ago? Well this is what they reported.

Research has found that resveratrol helps reduce stress damage to your cardiovascular system by neutralizing free radicals. It helps support your body’s natural defense system.

MetashaperThe biggest hurdle with resveratrol is finding a way to consume the large concentrations required to provide you with a benefit. You would have to drink several bottles of wine per day to get the beneficial effect from resveratrol.  Of course, large amounts of wine or other alcoholic beverages will eventually have a negative impact on your health in a number of ways.

 METASHAPER is a great source of resveratrol. The research on resveratrol is based the grapes in 1000 bottles of wine. You would literally have to drink 6000 glasses a day to have the desired benefit, which we know is impossible. Ten capsules of METASHAPER is equal to the benefit of 400 bottles of wine. 100 capsules, one bottle, is the equivalent of 4000 bottles or red wine. Can you imagine how many grapes it takes to make the equivalent of 4000 bottles or red wine? Thanks to Sunrider, we are able to have easy access to this concentrated, nutritious formula.

Thank you, Glenda Feilen, for sharing this article with other Sunrider’s. If you want to order Sunrider’s MetaShaper, it costs $31.50 for a bottle of 100 capsules, let me know. Call me at 888-988-4882 or email me with your request at . Also see the Buy Here Tab above the top of this page.

Sunrider Foods are Simply The BEST!

Nothing in this article in anyway is meant to prescribe or diagnose. If you are sick, go to your doctor.

Nothing in this article is the opinion of, nor in any way reflects Sunrider International.

Be Well Naturally- Everything Else Will Fall into Place!

You understand how taking care of yourself naturally is what our bodies need. Point blank, it’s that plain and simple. I know you know these things because you found this website, you found this article.

This knowledge is our common bound. We both know that we need to consistently rest up to 7 hours a day, exercise and stretch daily, stay away from toxic environments and high stress and lastly eat reasonably with a 70% living food diet. Again it’s that simple but then our commonalities differ at this point.

We don’t do all those things our bodies need. We are not perfect. DARN!

For me I do pretty good at rest, exercise, lowering stress but the foods I consume aren’t always perfect for me. A year ago, my eating habits were worse, five years ago they were awful, but then ignorance is bliss. Don’t you agree?

Today I know that if I nourish, balance and cleanse daily with whole foods then I am incredibly well.
I naturally take care of myself and everything else falls into place- weight, headaches, chronic joint pain, fatique, anxiety, depression, etc…

I have found the easiest and least expensive way to do this is by enjoying Sunrider foods.

Sunrider herbal foods (the best in the world) help me nourish my body with NuPlus that contains a plethora of fruits and vegetables. I don’t have to go and buy at an organic farmer’s market. Then chop, combine and/ or juice. Sunrider makes it so easy for me to eat, enjoy and go. Each day I’m adding ways to enjoy them even more in my other whole foods, like my steel cut oats, my juice, my tea, my fruit smoothies, salads and as I do that I can feel how GREAT it makes me feel.

I also balance my body; weight, hormones, mental attitude with the Sunrider foods. And Quinary helps me do this so perfectly by feeding my body’s five systems 47 fruits and vegetables in one serving.

And I also cleanse my body all day long with the Surnider herbal teas- Calli and Fortune Delight. This natural nourish, balance, clease program is not a fad, not a diet, it’s a wellness lifestyle. Cultures from different lands have enjoyed this lifestyle for centuries and more. My culture doesn’t know much about it. That’s why so many of us are sick.

I’m not perfect. I eat a donut now and then, a slice of pizza, even a juicy steak and a beautiful glass of wine. And what happens when I do? What I find when I do eat and enjoy food that does not serve my wellness purpose is that they are becoming less enjoyable, less fulfilling to me. It’s amazing how my body is now communicating with me about how it appreciates me taking care of it naturally. And it wants me to continue!

If you are wondering how to incorporate Sunrider whole and herbal foods in your wellness lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am there in your support. It’s not a race it’s a journey to a long life intended for great health and joy.

Yours in wellness,
Christine Marek
p. 480.491.9551/ 888-988-4882 toll free

At work.. LIVE don’t Diet (lifestyle article series)


Welcome to my website. You’ll find information about Sunrider products, nutrition programs, whole foods and so much more! Check out the videos and the articles and know also that you can order from this site, too.

This article continues a series about choosing to LIVE for optimal health and leave behind the diet.

A few weeks ago, I did it! I took a vacation and didn’t gain a pound. I was crazy happy about this.
It was because Sunrider came on the trip with me and I shared with you how it worked so easily. (Go to the tab below and see this article about Travel.. LIVE don’t Diet.
Now, I’m back at work.
How do I LIVE don’t Diet at work?
This is a big issue for me because I’m at work a LOT.
And Sunrider comes with me to work in so many convenient ways.

Here’s how…
In the morning I make my Calli tea, put it in a thermos and take it to my office.
I add the SunnyDew to my tea, too, which keeps me from craving all those sugary donuts and breakfast cereals.
What else do I take to the office… is my SunBreeze oil for tension headaches and sore muscles and tired fingers from typing. (It also keeps the mosquitoes and bees away from my office, too).
I bring my Sunrider snacks, too! The SunBar can be my lunch when I am really busy and the NuPuffs work wonders with afternoon sugar cravings and hunger pains. I know I need to eat every 3 hours for my metabolism to stay up and going so Sunrider is there for me.
Fortune Delight teas are my hydrating friend throughout myu midday and afternoon. I have at least a half a gallon of it by my desk to sip on. This tea helps me loose weight, it cleanses me, keeps my skin hydrated and I have wonderful energy with it. YUM!
That’s how I work and LIVE not Diet. It feels so good.
Give me a shout if you have ANY questions about this Nourish, Balance, Cleanse program for optimal health.
Yours truly,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551/ Sunrider Rep. and Wellness Consultant