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Phoenix Bushido (Sunrider) Office-Store is Open!

August 12th, 2011-    Today, I begin to move into our Sunrider – Bushido Marketing Store and Office. It is located at 5010 E. Warner Road, Ste. 209, Phoenix, Arizona 85044.

This office will be open by appointment Monday – Saturday until regular hours are determined. To arrange an appointment call the Bushido offices at 480.456.4700.

At the office I’ll have all kinds of Sunrider products to purchase or order.  Did you know that there are over 450 different Sunrider products?

This special office can also provide a place for samples and demonstrations. And yes, we’ll continue the wellness educaton classes there.

 This is a special day for me as a Sunrider Independent Business Owner (IBO). I’ll  keep you all posted on an upcoming open house for this office where you can see what a Bushido store is all about.

Peace, light and love to All,

Christine Marek/Sunrider IBO  and Bushido co-owner

Steel Cut Oats and NuPlus

This morning I took my friends advice and tried eating steel cut oats.
What an amazing whole food this is.

I added one packet of NuPlus Simply Herbs to it after I cooked the Bob Mills steel cut oats in a low simmer for 15 minutes. Then I added green apple bits, raisins, some cinammon, a little almond milk and a bit of honey.

YUM! It is wonderful and so good for me.

Christine Marek- Sunrider

pH Balance Weight Loss Challenge to Optimal Health-

Welcome & Thank YOU for visiting my Sunrider website,

Is it important for you today to feel better, loose weight or both?

YES? Then I challenge you to do THE most important choice of your day, your month, maybe your year by taking on my personal “100 day pH Balance Challenge to Optimal Health”.

Rid your body of toxins that make you tired and sick.

Loose the weight that does not serve you, naturally.

Eliminate the  foods and drinks, even water,  that don’t nourish you or heal you.(And learn what they are!)

Can you make a committment to yourself to achieve balance that provides YOU optimal health?

Know, it’s a journey and not an overnight miracle. A vitally important journey that will leave you feeling better and younger, healing and loving your body each step of the way.

pH Challenge Golden Rule- To get started to feeling great and loosing weight you need to nourish, cleanse and balance (NCB) your body to your optimal health and weight. The convenient and affordable foods and beverages needed for this challenge are Sunrider’s basic flagship products used for over 30 years. They are Calli tea and/or Fortune Delight Tea, NuPlus, SunnyDew (stevia) and the superfood called Quinary. With these four basic foods and teas you WILL feel a difference in your health and wellness.

There are two product packages to choose from to begin this challenge. And it’s  SO affordable.

For only $5 a day you can experience foods designed over the centuries for optimal health and balance. Plus, there is support from me, Christine Marek, your wellness consultant.

Call me, 480.491.9551 or toll free 888-988-4882, Christine,  to receive the Health Journey book and other important pH Balance Challenge info for your support on this important goal.

You CAN do it, many others HAVE and ARE doing it now. Just ask me for the testimonials.  I’m happy to be right there with you to show you how optimal health can be YOURS. Call me today.

Be well,

Christine Marek/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant/ 480.491.9551/ 888-988-4882

What Sunrider does for me! Tawanna says…

This is a Sunrider testimonial from one of my VIP clients.

Tawanna is a special woman, hard-working health care provider from Indiana.

These are her words..

The Calli & fortune delight teas are great. I’m starting to feel much better. Still a long way to go. My energy level during my 10hour shifts at work is good.  I found that I sleep better during the night and wake up refreshed. The Quinary I have not been taking at every meal, but I try to use it at least once a day. Oh, and thanks for the recipes. So take care and I’ll keep in touch as my health improves.

Thank you, Tawanna, for your feedback!

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551/ Sunrider Rep. and Wellness Consultant