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Are you a flip-flopper when it comes to wellness?

You know them. They are the ones that go from doctor to doctor searching for wellness answers. They get the next great advice, they share this with you and you wonder if they’ll ever be committed to wellness.
Could they enjoy this roller coaster ride of illness and wellness? Then I looked in the mirror and it hit me, I’m a flip-flopper when it comes to wellness. Do you know what I mean?

Here’s some examples….

Committed to Wellness Flip- I exercise at least 45 minutes a day 6 days a week. . This includes running, jogging, weight lifting, golfing, walking, stretching and hiking.

Uncommitted to Wellness Flop? A week or two of extra work, family matters, holidays, vacation, etc.. hits me and I don’t do any exercising. My body is so tense and aches the more I don’t and then I go back to it. All that progress I made now has to be regained. Oh I hate that part! Does this sound familiar.

I do this with my nutrition, too!

Flip- I’m on the Sunrider Nourish, Balance and Cleanse program for life. I eat two- three Sunrider NuPlus a day. I take Quinary and Bella twice a day and drink Calli and Fortune throughout the day.
Snacks are veggies and fruits, plus the wonderful Ezekiel bread. WOW, I feel and look great.

Flop-I go to a party and eat potatoe chips, cake, enchiladas, pizza, drink wine. Or.. I am too busy to make dinner so I order a pizza, chicken wings, tacos. Oh yes and cookies are around the house for me to grab. YIKES! Recently I can tell that what I am eating either makes me feel great or not so great and eating junk food I definetley feel awful. Sometimes I feel horibble even while I munching on this food.

Flip- But I don’t want to be deprived of the foods I so enjoyed in the past. That brownie really gave me a lift. These awful and unnutritous foods gave me such joy, and they tasted so good.

Flop- I gain weight, I ache from the bad nutrition, my mental attitude is low. How’s that for short time joy.

I forgive myself for not being perfect and learn how to reward myself with foods that make me well.

So you have it, I’m a confessed flip-flopper. Does it sound familiar to you? I hope not, but if so remember don’t diet, LIVE. Diets don’t work, it’s a proven fact. None of us are perfect. Some of us will be more committed than others. It’s a wellness journey.  I’m learning how to get better at it every day. Thank goodness Sunrider foods have showed me what makes me feel good and what’s good for me. Not to mention they are so affordable and convenient. Now it’s up to me to stay committed to a lifetime of living the best life possible.

Good luck with yours and remember I’m here and so is Sunrider when you need to get back to flipping on the wellnes side of of life!

Yours in support,

Christine Marek
Sunrider and Wellness Consultant
p. 480.491.9551/ 888-988-4882 toll free

Calli tea- Fortune Delight Fans Enjoy the Ultimate MaxFit Plan-Will YOU?

Hi! My name is Christine Marek, I’m fighting for wellness and winning.  If this sounds like a fight for living BEST, that you want, too, then join me for the Ultimate MaxFit Plan TODAY

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Get the most nutrition EVER, be fit and loose or gain weight LIVING the healthy way. Note: This is NOT a diet.  Call me today to get started!

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant

Take the pH Balance Challenge- Loose Weight and Feel Great!

Welcome & Thank YOU for visiting my Sunrider website,

Is it important for you today to feel better, loose weight or both?

YES? Then I challenge you to do THE most important choice of your day, your month, maybe your year by taking on my personal “100 day pH Balance Challenge to Optimal Health”.

Rid your body of toxins that make you tired and sick.

Loose the weight that does not serve you, naturally.

Eliminate the  foods and drinks, even water,  that don’t nourish you or heal you.(And learn what they are!)

Can you make a committment to yourself to achieve balance that provides YOU optimal health?

Know, it’s a journey and not an overnight miracle. A vitally important journey that will leave you feeling better and younger, healing and loving your body each step of the way.

pH Challenge Golden Rule- To get started to feeling great and loosing weight you need to nourish, cleanse and balance (NCB) your body to your optimal health and weight. The convenient and affordable foods and beverages needed for this challenge are Sunrider’s basic flagship products used for over 30 years. They are Calli tea and/or Fortune Delight Tea, NuPlus, SunnyDew (stevia) and the superfood called Quinary. With these four basic foods and teas you WILL feel a difference in your health and wellness.

There are two product packages to choose from to begin this challenge. And it’s  SO affordable.

For only $5 a day you can experience foods designed over the centuries for optimal health and balance. Plus, there is support from me, Christine Marek, your wellness consultant.

Call me, 480.491.9551 or toll free 888-988-4882, Christine,  to receive the Health Journey book and other important pH Balance Challenge info for your support on this important goal.

You CAN do it, many others HAVE and ARE doing it now. Just ask me for the testimonials.  I’m happy to be right there with you to show you how optimal health can be YOURS. Call me today.

Be well,

Christine Marek/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant/ 480.491.9551/ 888-988-4882

Is the Food YOU Eat Making You Sick?

Do you know if you have too much acid in your body that is making you sick, tired and age sooner?It’s easy to find out if this is happening to you!

If you know how to identify akalized vs. acidic food you will enjoy optimal health by achieving a balanced pH level in your body. Yes, it’s that simple.

A good gardner knows that when their plants have a balanced pH level than they grow strong, healthy and beautiful produce. Well that’s the same for your human body. We have pH levels, too. And we need a balance.

Here’s the sad part about that, most of us are OFF balance with too much ACID in our body, because we eat too many acidic foods.

It is a fact that when your pH level is balanced correctly then your body can heal and regenerate cells for optimal, long-lasting health. That’s the fountain of youth in a nutshell. And those that know this simple fact live a wonderful, long and healthy life. Now that’s powerful information and it’s been available to us.

Those with too much acid or even too much akaline will suffer. The medical community has learned that when we nourish ourselves with too many acidic foods for instance these foods cause the pH inbalance which results in the body doing whatever it can to be balanced so it will do that by finding what it can to balance. How does it do that? It eats at our blood, cells and bones. This is what can cause disease, infection, auto-immune diseases and premature aging. Does this make sense to you that they call it acid?

Here’s an important fact: For a healthy pH level your daily diet needs to consist of at least 70% foods that are akaline based. That’s alot of plants, and the easiest and best way I keep balanced is with Sunrider foods and teas. I can’t afford NOT to have them in my life.

If you’d like a list of Acid and Akaline foods to identify then email or a call me and I’ll send you a wonderful report about this important health matter.

P.S. Sunrider foods are a Terrific way to easily add more Akaline foods to your life. Enjoy Calli tea, Fortune Delight teas, NuPlus, Quinary, VitaShake and so much more!!! Let me know if want more info about these amazingly helpful foods.

Be Well and Balanced!

Chrisitne Marek
Sunrider Business Owner
p. 480.491.9551 /