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Phoenix Bushido (Sunrider) Office-Store is Open!

August 12th, 2011-    Today, I begin to move into our Sunrider – Bushido Marketing Store and Office. It is located at 5010 E. Warner Road, Ste. 209, Phoenix, Arizona 85044.

This office will be open by appointment Monday – Saturday until regular hours are determined. To arrange an appointment call the Bushido offices at 480.456.4700.

At the office I’ll have all kinds of Sunrider products to purchase or order.  Did you know that there are over 450 different Sunrider products?

This special office can also provide a place for samples and demonstrations. And yes, we’ll continue the wellness educaton classes there.

 This is a special day for me as a Sunrider Independent Business Owner (IBO). I’ll  keep you all posted on an upcoming open house for this office where you can see what a Bushido store is all about.

Peace, light and love to All,

Christine Marek/Sunrider IBO  and Bushido co-owner

HCG Diet + Sunrider = Success…Week 3 Truths Uncovered

This Blog Post is a continued series of articles about Christine Marek’s  journey on the HCG Diet- beginning June 2011. She hopes these posts help others to be able to enjoy the Sunrider nutrition and benefits during the HGC diet process.

August 7, 2011-

I write this post on Sunday night 8 weeks after starting this blog ( 6/10/11). I am 8 pounds lighter. My goal was ten, I achieved 11 and I am no longer on an HCG diet.

You may be wondering what happened to my diet after week 2? I stopped blogging because life happened. My blogging prioirty was tosted down the list of things to do.

Here’s the updated truth…Into my third week I began my menses. My doctor advised me to stop the diet during this time of female cleansing. Actually I was relieved to go back to eating more calories. Even if I could have continued I’m not sure if I would have. I just did not feel very good on the diet.

The 500 caloric intake was so difficult for me. I was tired, cramping and my mental clarity was not strong, either. I didn’t even want to drive. Granted I was only on the HCG diet for 2 weeks and others say, including my doctor,  that HCG absorbed over time will increase my energy levels and also deter my food cravings. This arguable fact from many I did not test.

After I got off the diet I went on a California business trip and vacation. Yes, I was lighter as I hit a weight goal of 113 pounds. At the beginning I was 124. Best part was that even off the diet I kept losing. Yeah! I believe this happened because I kept to the recommended food intake only eating more. And then I have slowly  added the bad habit foods into my life. This includes  occasional alcoholic drinks, (yes, I love Pinot Noir), breads, some sugars and nuts. I so missed the nuts!

Hey, I’m not perfect and some of those foods I abandoned during the HCG diet I love and they ARE good for me. For instance SunBars are so yummy and I feel so good when I eat them.  It’s just that they are high in calories and/or complex carbs and I know I can only metabolize 1200 calories a day. If I want to loose weight I need to take in less calories. Plain and simple. I choose and those choices are reflected in my weight and body appearance. It’s also reflected in my mental attitude. Yes certain foods make me feel more confident and others can make me feel sad.

So far my weight has fluctuated from 116 to 120 pounds depending on what I splurge on.

Would I go on the HCG diet again? Probably not, but I am happy that I did because I had the toughest time getting my weight under the 120 pound plateau. I’ve been trying with no success for 6 years. Today, I believe I will  keep my weight maintenance thanks to the HCG diet for bumping up my middle age metabolism and I also thank Sunrider foods for keeping my weight down below 120. When I eat my nourish, balance and cleanse Sunrider foods and teas my weight is great. It’s when I eat the bad foods – sugar, pasta , processed foods, too large of portions, breads and alcohol I will gain back the weight.

Exercise has to be a big part of my weight maintenance, too. I love the look of lean, toned muscles on me and as I continue to excercise and discipline myself to eat foods that are best for me I’ll see more progress in my personal health goals. Heck, if I’m really good I could look like my favorite body builder friend, Jamie Ambler. … OK I’m dreaming. It’s not that big of a deal to me…yet.

It’s all about choices and I loved learning about them with the HCG diet. I’m sure glad Sunrider was there for me on this journey, too!

Let me know what you think about HCG Diets and Sunrider. I’d love to share my thoughts and education on this matter with you.

Fighting for my best health,

Christine Marek

Sunrider Consultant/ p. 480.491.9551


July Wellness Class- Test your products for personal effectiveness!

Yes, the July Ahwatukee Heath and Wellness Class Explores Dowsing and Muscle-Testing Techniques.

The Phoenix/Ahwatukee July class, sponsored by Christine Marek from Sunrider, will occur this Saturday, July 24th from 10 am to 11:30 pm.

July’s guest presenter is Marvin Knight. He has been using dowsing and muscle testing for over twenty years as a nutritional health consultant. Mr. Knight is also an expansion of consciousness instructor and a reverend for the Universal Life Church Monastery.

During the July wellness class these topics will be covered: (Bring items in of your own to test!)
  • Learn Dowsing and muscle testing for every day use.
  • Learn how to apply these two techniques to your dietary and nutritional needs. Learn how to pick specific supplements and how to customize an entire nutritional program.
  • Learn how to determine what foods your does and does not want.Whole Food Nutrition round-table discussion.

Please bring a pendulum to the class.  If you do not have one, a pendulum will be provided that you can take home for $3. Class exchange fee; $5 plus $3 pendulum fee if you desire a pendulum.

July’s class location will occur at Lilo’s Coffee Haus, 4747 E. Elliot Road, Ste. 34, Phoenix, Arizona 85044 in the Safeway Plaza. Drinkswill be provided.  RSVP is appreciated due to limited seating. Go to or call the wellness class organizer, Christine Marek at 480-491-9551.

SunBreeze Oil, Calli and Fortune Delight teas, NuPlus- Must haves for your kitchen cabinets- Here’s Why!

Thanks for finding me on the web.
My name is Christine Marek. I’m a wellness consultant who provides information on this website about whole food nutrition with the special emphasis on Sunrider teas and foods.

My whole food tip today is about Sunrider’s SunBreeze oil.
Yesterday my 15 year old son severally twisted his foot during football practice. When we first saw his right foot it was hugely swollen and causing him a terrible amount of pain. Immediately we got the ice out, elevated the foot and rubbed in the SunBreeze oil. Sunbreeze oil is a combination of extracted plants.

My son’s foot today is looking so much better! Thank Goodness. We are all amazing how this mangled foot today barely hurts him, most of the swelling has gone down and there is hardly any bruising.

I love to tell people about how wonderful this SunBreeze Oil is for anyone. I use it for open scrapes and sores, headaches, congestion, etc. and love how it helps me. It’s a multi-purpose natural oil that is a must have in your home.

For more info about what SunBreeze oil does, what it’s made of and how I and others use it for decades than contact me at or call me at 480.491.9551.

I love helping them find nutrition answers to their wellness challenges.
Calli tea, NuPlus, Fortune Delight, Quinary, are other helpful, natural product. They area about nutrition- finding ways to Nourish, Balance and Cleanse!
Let me know if I can mail you a sample of some of these wonderful products.

Be well,

Christine Marek