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Looking for Sunrider’s Calli or Fortune Delight Teas… Call me- 480.491-9551

It’s incredible how you and I have just met.
People like YOU find my website, from all over the world.
All kinds of people from young to old, very well to very ill. Their commonality is wellness.

I love helping them find nutrition answers to their wellness challenges.
Here is one example I answered just this month.

Jamie from Yorba Linda, CA, USA, is a Spinning Teacher. (An activity involving very fast stationary bicyles is called Spinning). She wanted to find a better way to be hydrated, receive great energy, burn fat and also add in more nutritionto her water. She remember trying Fortune Delight Tea in the past. She couldn’t find it in the stores so she found me on the internet with this website.

Once she reached me by phone I helpled Jamie order the teas. Sent her samples of other flavors she hadn’t tried. Set up a Sunrider account for her to use conveniently anytime, 24/7. And I mailed her some additional nutrition info she could share with her class.

That’s what I do! I am here for you, for your Sunrider needs, questions and whole food nutrition advice.
I’ll help you order what you want and find the very best discounts for you. Plus, I love to send Sunrider gifts to you, too.

Call me today when you need a Sunrider, Whole Food Nutrition Friend who is a support person for your optimal long life!

Be well,

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551; toll free- 1866-456-4701/