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Calli tea- Fortune Delight Fans Enjoy the Ultimate MaxFit Plan-Will YOU?

Hi! My name is Christine Marek, I’m fighting for wellness and winning.  If this sounds like a fight for living BEST, that you want, too, then join me for the Ultimate MaxFit Plan TODAY

This is how it works…

Get Started… eat the right foods! Purchase the Get Fit NOW Sunrider SunPack for $108.50. Order your Sun Pack with the button at the top of the page, and let me know you are fighting for your wellness. This starter pack includes a supply of cleansing teas, nutritious meals, balancing supplement, soothing oil, water bottle and brochure. Each month the food is $5 a day! $5 a day for maximum fitness and optimal weight.. are you worth $5 a day?

Bonus*Receive the 100 Day Journey to Optimal Health Guideline Book

Bonus**Receive Typical Day to Wellness Outline

Bonus***Individual support and team support* covering holistic fitness methods for optimal health such as fitness programs, nutrition suggestions, wellness book recommendations, rest and meditation recommendations, and much more for wellness. * (Weekly phone meetings do occur.)

Get the most nutrition EVER, be fit and loose or gain weight LIVING the healthy way. Note: This is NOT a diet.  Call me today to get started!

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant

Drink Calli and Fortune Delight Teas.. Loose Weight and Get FIT~

Get MaxFit Today! Join with Christine the Ultimate MaxFit Plan with the wonderful Sunrider foods.

Lets do it! Its time to regain your health and bring back the body you deserve to enjoy.

You can accomplish maximum fitness when you LIVE don’t diet with Sunrider foods that nourish, cleanse and balance you.

Whole Food Nutrition includes Calli and Fortune Delight teas, NuPlus and Quinary. These foods include more than 100 plants that are incredible nutrition. And they are sooo affordable.

I’m doing it, you can, too! My loved ones are doing it! Join us, I have time, resources and committment to help 5 people for the next 90 days to become healthier, happier and loose those unwanted pounds, too.

The investment in the foods is less than $4 a day.  The best foods money can buy and it will be less than $4 a day to join us on the Ultimate MaxFit Plan.  For more details, the plan and wonderful support. Call me today, Christine, 480.491.9551 or 888-988-4882.

Limited time and client space offer, ends this Friday. Wholesale pricing can apply. Call for details. Be Fit Today!

Take the pH Balance Challenge- Loose Weight and Feel Great!

Welcome & Thank YOU for visiting my Sunrider website,

Is it important for you today to feel better, loose weight or both?

YES? Then I challenge you to do THE most important choice of your day, your month, maybe your year by taking on my personal “100 day pH Balance Challenge to Optimal Health”.

Rid your body of toxins that make you tired and sick.

Loose the weight that does not serve you, naturally.

Eliminate the  foods and drinks, even water,  that don’t nourish you or heal you.(And learn what they are!)

Can you make a committment to yourself to achieve balance that provides YOU optimal health?

Know, it’s a journey and not an overnight miracle. A vitally important journey that will leave you feeling better and younger, healing and loving your body each step of the way.

pH Challenge Golden Rule- To get started to feeling great and loosing weight you need to nourish, cleanse and balance (NCB) your body to your optimal health and weight. The convenient and affordable foods and beverages needed for this challenge are Sunrider’s basic flagship products used for over 30 years. They are Calli tea and/or Fortune Delight Tea, NuPlus, SunnyDew (stevia) and the superfood called Quinary. With these four basic foods and teas you WILL feel a difference in your health and wellness.

There are two product packages to choose from to begin this challenge. And it’s  SO affordable.

For only $5 a day you can experience foods designed over the centuries for optimal health and balance. Plus, there is support from me, Christine Marek, your wellness consultant.

Call me, 480.491.9551 or toll free 888-988-4882, Christine,  to receive the Health Journey book and other important pH Balance Challenge info for your support on this important goal.

You CAN do it, many others HAVE and ARE doing it now. Just ask me for the testimonials.  I’m happy to be right there with you to show you how optimal health can be YOURS. Call me today.

Be well,

Christine Marek/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant/ 480.491.9551/ 888-988-4882

Looking for Sunrider’s Calli or Fortune Delight Teas… Call me- 480.491-9551

It’s incredible how you and I have just met.
People like YOU find my website, from all over the world.
All kinds of people from young to old, very well to very ill. Their commonality is wellness.

I love helping them find nutrition answers to their wellness challenges.
Here is one example I answered just this month.

Jamie from Yorba Linda, CA, USA, is a Spinning Teacher. (An activity involving very fast stationary bicyles is called Spinning). She wanted to find a better way to be hydrated, receive great energy, burn fat and also add in more nutritionto her water. She remember trying Fortune Delight Tea in the past. She couldn’t find it in the stores so she found me on the internet with this website.

Once she reached me by phone I helpled Jamie order the teas. Sent her samples of other flavors she hadn’t tried. Set up a Sunrider account for her to use conveniently anytime, 24/7. And I mailed her some additional nutrition info she could share with her class.

That’s what I do! I am here for you, for your Sunrider needs, questions and whole food nutrition advice.
I’ll help you order what you want and find the very best discounts for you. Plus, I love to send Sunrider gifts to you, too.

Call me today when you need a Sunrider, Whole Food Nutrition Friend who is a support person for your optimal long life!

Be well,

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551; toll free- 1866-456-4701/