Sunrider Whole Foods and Event News- 12.31.2009

Welcome to this Whole Food Education and Event Website!

If this is your first visit to the site please note that there are several ways to find information on this page.

Look over to the right hand column of the page and select the category that suits you curiousity.

Timely Notice: There are three Phoenix area events coming up in January that include two locations for Health and Wellness Classes with 4 speakers and one special Personal Protection Class. The experts sharing their knowledge at these classes are there to help us start off the new year with beneficial information.

Come and join us! If you have any questions about anything you find on this website be sure to let me know. You can reach me at the Phoenix Marketing offices by calling me at 480.456.3700 or emailing me at

Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Yours!

Christine Marek

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