Sunrider Whole Food Nutrition News- What is the solution to Fat Loss?

 What is the solution to Fat Loss? 

The body needs energy to break down fat. The primary source of energy for the body is complex carbohydrates. A diet that is 80% complex carbs, 10% good fats, and 10% digestible protein will energize the body to start digging deep. Eat foods in their natural state.

Herbal tea: I drink calli tea every day which nourishes the liver, kidney, and intestines. This specialized green tea is better than water for your health.

Chinese herbal foods: I eat the Sunrider shakes rich in Eastern fruits and vegetables 3x per day to provide me a concentrated and pure form of raw materials.

Regular exercise: Even though weight loss can be achieved without exercise, being active stimulates the lymph, moves the blood and pumps the liver. The deep breathing alone that comes from exercising is incredibly valuable.

A positive mind set and self acceptance: Rest the mind and give the soul some peace in meditation for a few minutes every day. Cease the negative thoughts that tear the body apart.

This article written by Dr. Jane Hendricks. Thank you for sharing this with us! 

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2010!

Christine Marek- Sunrider Fan and Consultant

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