Sunrider Testimonial- Benefits of Sunrider while Traveling

This  Sunrider user’s testimonial was shared January 2010 by Dr. Jane Hendrick’s after returning from Italy.

I was in Italy for the holidays and stayed with an Italian family. It was difficult at times to be there and it rained every day so I am happy and grateful to live here in the states in sunny Arizona. I did learn basic Italian…out of force :)

What I noticed is that I ate 3x more food and 98% of it cooked. Here in my home I eat soups, raw veggies and fruits, and eat out about 2x per week (cooked food). In Italy, I ate 3 course meals every day for 2 weeks. The courses included ham, cheese, bread, pasta, meat, and potatoes. Plus dessert! I kept up with my SR, 2 calli per day, 2 quinary, and one nuplus (less than the 3x/day due to baggage restrictions). I did not gain one pound!

People respond by the fact that I was exercising more. Nope. Because of the rain (every day I was there), I did not walk or hike that much. I did no yoga. So I would say the exercise was somewhat less than usual.

This is 100% due to the Sunrider foods. Since getting involved with Sunrider, I have been on 4 cruises and each time I ate and ate whatever was there, but always keeping up with my Sunrider.  Not one time did I ever gain a pound.  When I was younger and not eating the foods, I would gain weight easily if I didn’t exercise all the time. I would have to diet. Today, I am older and no more dieting! Just consistent Sunrider, no matter what I’m doing or where I am.

This does not mean we can continue to eat bad food all the time and believe that SR will compensate. It can’t compensate forever. And when I got home it was so easy to get back into my routine, as soon as I increased my foods to 4x per day to rebalance for a week. 

What is this experience worth to you?

If you are still eating the SR foods consistently, you continue to say YES to having GOLD in your life. It truly is priceless. If you are not eating the foods, it is time to make it a financial priority to eat these foods.

Without vitality that comes from true food, my mind dulls, my spirit becomes lifeless, and the body heavy.

I am here to support any way I can. Do not hesitate to connect with me on any challenges you may be experiencing.

Yours in Health and Prosperity!


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