Sunrider News – Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally with Sunrider VitaTaste or NuPlus

Yes, Sunrider’s VitaTaste with it’s natural herbs, just one capsule can stop your sugar cravings.

It’s wonderful how it works instantly. You take the capsule, pour out the herbs in a spoon.
Put the herbs in your mouth for 30 seconds and then just try to eat a candy bar. You will find it has no taste at all. It’s not anything you want.

NuPlus meals also have some of the herbs in VitaTaste so remember that when you want a piece of candy or a cake, etc… your body will thank you for taking care of it in SO many ways.

To order VitaTaste or NuPlus call me or email me.

Be well!
Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551

4 Responses to “Sunrider News – Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally with Sunrider VitaTaste or NuPlus”

  • chinese herbs can actually treat a lot of ilness and have fewer side-effects too.”-

  • Admin:

    Thank you for your comment abut stopping sugar cravings.
    It’s amazing and so helpful how herbal foods can provide nourishment to the body and also help it stay away from processed food and refined sugars. Thanks for reminding us how this works with NuPlus and Vitashake!

  • chinese herbs are very powerful stuffs for treating lots of common ailments”",

  • Admin:

    For centuries these herbs have been healing people. It’s amazing that they don’t dominate our store shelves when they work for so many for soo long. But then there is no company that represents herbs in general and has huge marketing campaigns. It’s up to us to see and feel the truth.

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