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It’s so easy and convenient to order Sunrider foods and other wonderful products. You can choose which type of customer you want to be!

Here are 3 helpful choices

1. Retail Customer (This is for someone who orders every so often.) Call or email me with your order. 480-688-8147,

2. Sunrider Customer- This is for someone who wants to receive rewards for ordering anytime you want to order! Allow me to sponsor you by setting up a Sunrider no obligation, no fee, convenient account.

3. Own a virtual Sunrider Health Food Store, be a customer and get wholesale discounts, help others learn about Sunrider and the benefits, and enjoy the many benefits including another income. WOW! Go to the Business Opportunity Tab (button) above on this page for more details.

This is what each step involves.. it’s so easy!!!

Number 1- Be a Retail Customer anytime you WANT or  NEED.  Just order Sunrider products click on the product names at the top of this websites’ home page and purchase them in a shopping cart. OR.. call Christine and order from her by telephone. Call her Phoenix/ San Diego office at 480.491.9551 or call toll free at 888-988-4882 if you need.

Number 2- Be a Sunrider Customer and earn discounts! To set up your no-obligation, no fee account with Christine Marek (her Sunrider sponsor name is Marek & Associates,L.L.C.) call (480.491.9551 or toll free 888-988-4882) or email her ( with YOUR name, phone number, mailing address, email address and birth date and that’s it. You now have a Sunrider account used anywhere in the world whenever you need. Order online to and enjoy discounts when you order more than $500 within one years time.

Number 3- There are 2 options to owning a virtual Sunrider Health Food Store, be a customer and get wholesale discounts and enjoy the many benefits. WOW!

►Quick start program with lowest investment is obtained by purchasing one Fortune Delight Business Pack.

That includes 17 boxes of Fortune Delight Peach 10/2.5 g packs and a $30 marketing kit, sign the IBO agreement online (go to and within 24 hours you will receive a 20% privileged wholesale discount on your next purchases.                     OR

►Order $500 Sunrider products in one year & purchase a $30 marketing kit. The choice is yours, fast or slow.

To maintain this wholesale discount privilege you need to purchase $100 total of Sunrider Products each month.

This business opportunity does not include selling requirements to others. It DOES allow you a way to your own virtual health food store with the BEST foods, teas,  herbs cosmetics, household items, etc. I has also gives you a way to receive extra money or make this your primary income.

“I love being an Independent Business Owner (IBO) I began earning free products and $1000 PLUS a month from Sunrider within only a few months”– Christine Marek

Contact me today, I will support you with whatever decision you choose.

Here’s to a life of wellness and prosperity!

Christine Marek/ Sunrider Business Leader/ p. 480.688.8147/

Email (, Call 480-688-8147 or Fax (480.456.5800)

Do you have a Sunrider sponsor? Are you working with a Sunrider in your area?

What is Your Preferred Sunrider Customer Enrollment? 1. , 2., or 3?

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11 Responses to “Buy Here”

  • rodger mcleay:

    Hi there i wanted to sign up as an ibo in the new year i tried the products and am looking for a sponsor as my old sponsor is not active in recruiting ibos at this time and want to work with someone who is knowledgeable, and positive, talk soon rodger mcleay merry christmas also i live in bc canada

  • rodger mcleay:

    hi there im looking to sign up in newyear as an ibo im looking for a good sponsor im in bc canada thanx

  • Admin:

    As you can see I am quicker to respond by email then by the blog over the Christmas holiday.
    These are the types of sales systems I would love to show you that will assist you as an IBO.

    They are amazing and will help you cover all of Canada!.

    Great day to you,
    Christine Marek (480.491.9551 or toll free 888-988-4882)
    Sunrider Business Leader

  • Heidi:

    Hello, I would like to purchase some tea. I tried this years ago, and loved it!

    Thank you,


  • Admin:

    Heidi, I can help you buy the tea. Just call me at 888-988-4882 and I’ll make it happen ASAP.
    Yours in Sunrider Service,

  • Good Day

    I have a sister in law who was diagnose of having a stone in her gallbladder.
    She was suffering from a severe pain. Her Doctor told her to undergo operation to remove the stone, but my friend introduce me about your product “sun rider calli tea” We are willing to buy your product but I’m not sure if she will like the taste of the said tea.Can you send us a free sample of your tea? I’m also interested to become a dealer.

  • Admin:

    Thank you for you post today. I just emailed you a reply.
    Call me if you need, 888-988-4882. Yours in Sunrider support, Christine

  • i talked to my sister in law and she’s willing to buy only one box of tea… is it possible if you can send it fast as 3 days shipping including the sample…..

  • Admin:

    I just emailed you with answers and yes you can receive 3 day shipping but I believe you can get it very quickly in the Phillippines.
    I believe there is a Sunrider plant there. Christine

  • Mary:

    Hi Christine,

    I tried a cup of Calli tea over 20yrs ago! I felt so good after drinking it, but being very impressionalble at the time, a co-worker warned me, that it could have “drugs” in it! I always meant to research the tea, but time went on. Recently I have had chronic health issues, and am feeling fatigued and under nourished. I remembered how good the tea was, and decided to look it up, and found your website.
    I would like to make a purchase. Please contact me.


  • Admin:

    Mary, Calli tea is such a wonderful tea to assist the body with wellness. And it’s all made of wonderful plants!
    Give me a call today at 888-988-4882 and I’ll help you add this wonderful tea to your life. Thank you for the comment.

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