Sunrider Consumer Discounts Change March 1, 2011

 Feb. 21, 2011 … Sunrider Discount Change Announcement

In only eight days, starting March 1, 2011, the 10% discounts that a VIP Sunrider consumer received for every order will be removed. It’s true, the Sunrider VIP won’t automatically receive this 10% discount. 

I understand, as a business leader, that this is happening to keep most Sunrider products at the same price, even if Sunrider faces more costs farm, ship, clean, chop, mix and package the wonderful whole food products. They don’t want to increase the prices, thank goodness. They want to reward the constant Sunrider customers, (another thank goodness,  so they’ve come up with a way to help everyone.

This is how the pricing is today..  if you purchased more than $200 of Sunrider products you became a VIP customer and Sunrider rewarded you with a 10% discount as long as you continued to purchase $200 over a one  year time period.

March 1, 2011.. Sunrider VIP’s who have purchased more than $500 within one year period of time now become a Sunrider Customer 500 and these special customers begin to receive Customer 500 Appreciation Discounts:

  • 5% off the Retail Price – phone orders or will-call orders greater than $125
  • 10% off the Retail Price for online orders greater than $125. 

Note: Customer 500’s must purchase US $200 of products per year in order to maintain their status.

In conclusion, the discount change is not too much, but it is a change. The Sunrider Independent Business Owner (IBO) program remains the same with the 20% discount for all orders. Yahoo!

Contact me if you need and I’ll be happy to guide you into the best and most appreciated Sunrider customer program.

Yours in Sunrider Service,

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551/ 888-988-4882 toll free

3 Responses to “Sunrider Consumer Discounts Change March 1, 2011”

  • Gilbert Armendarez:

    I have been seeing a dr about chronic liver desease and my meds are difficult to take for my stomach still gets swollen and my feet are not swelling like they use to, so I have to prop my legs from time to time. Also taking milk thistle and some vit. C&E, and sometimes butchers broom. I know that your product are very very good, have sold your products in 1990.s

  • Gilbert Armendarez:

    thank your very much.

  • Admin:

    Gilbert, you are most welcome. Can I help you order some Sunrider to help with your wellness goals?
    Christine.. 888-988-4882

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