SunBars and the HCG diet

Today Colleen sent me an email from Sunrider fan 6.19.11

Both women are wonderful Sunrider’s.  The fan appeared not happy with my blog regarding the fact that my HCG doctor  urged me not to eat them. Note: This is not because the SunBars are bad for you or bad to diet with.

Dear Sunrider fan, I didn’t like the dr’s advice either. I love those SunBars!!! They are only 120 calories and 2 grams of sugar. It’s just one more part of the HCG that I don’t like.

These SunBars are so nutritious and so wonderful how could they not help you.

But for some reason the HCG diet with my doctors advice thought it not best.

Her reasons, too many complex carbs and the wrong fruits for the HCG diet.

The Fortune Delight, the NuPlus, the Calli and Quinary continue to jell so well with the diet, as per Dr. Whelchel’s supervision. Maybe other doctors will disagree. I’d love to know what others think.

Happy Sunday,


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