Quinary Calli Tea Sunrider Fortune Delight Sunbreeze Oil NuPlus

Calli Tea, Quinary, Fortune Delight, Sunbreeze Oil, NuPlus, Vitashake Christine Marek loves these healthy whole foods from Sunrider International, Canada and USA, Jim and Goldie demonstrate
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www.GetWholeFoodNutrition.com Find out the hidden Secrets about Sunrider Calli Tea and the health promoting Sunrider Fortune Delight tea. Sunrider teas and Sunrider whole foods supplements replenish your body.
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6 Responses to “Quinary Calli Tea Sunrider Fortune Delight Sunbreeze Oil NuPlus”

  • DianaWalker2010:

    Thank you, Thank you, Tammy!!!
    So happy you like my videos!
    Hopefully you and Trudy and I can have a 3-way telephone conversation after we come back from Sunrider Grand Convention at the end of July.
    Keep in touch! Diana

  • tammyloro:

    I LOVE all the ideas I get from your videos…thanks sooooo much!

  • DianaWalker2010:

    Thanks for another great Sunrider recipe!! The Sunrider Vitashake does taste great – and I love your suggestion. We can’t get Vitashake in Canada, so many use NuPlus instead.
    Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader

  • DianaWalker2010:

    Oh, I know – my sister Goldie and her fiance Jim were my wonderful participants in this Sunrider Goodie Bag impromptu filming!
    I personally don’t have the Quinary just hot in a mug, like Jim…. I love it along with the Stevia, though!

  • SherriBowthorpe:

    Woa!! I guess I always put sunydew and honey in it so my kids can’t resist it. Try cinnomon calli with cocoa vitashake and a quinery packet for a lucious, aromatic, toasty-roasty flavor hot-cocoa treat in the morning.

  • Admin:

    This is REALLY awesome info. Keep up the great work.

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