NuPlus tested for GMO plants- Results were O!

Sunrider has told us that their whole foods are the BEST.

So when my 17 year old son was requested to test a food to see if it was genetically modified (GMO) he asked me if we could test Sunrider.

I jumped at the opportunity to prove how great Sunrider is.

His H.S. science teacher warned Nick that our mass produced Sunrider Nuplus would most likely be a GMO product. She had never seen a massed produced food product not be a GMO.  But she was wrong.

The DNA proved that each and every plant found in the NuPlus (@ 40) was not a GMO food.

Sunrider is simply the best and I thank Dr. Chen and Sunrider for producing this helpful product for us as well as so many others.

Thank you, Nick, for doing this test for us.

Christine Marek/ p. 480.688. 8147.

2 Responses to “NuPlus tested for GMO plants- Results were O!”

  • Rebecca:

    Im doubting the same question then got your article from the website.
    Which NuPlus taste you tested?
    Do you know if there is any other Sunrider product containing GM ingredient?
    I learned from a Chinese news in 2009 which said some NuPlus exported to China were found out to be GM.
    I worried about it so much.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks so much

  • Admin:

    Hi Rebecca,
    My son tested the NuPlus Plain.
    If you have more questions about GMO’s and Sunrider contact them at
    Can I help you order any Sunrider today?

    Best to you.. thanks for the comment.
    Christine p. 480.688.8147

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