Nourish, Cleanse and Balance Your Way to Optimal Wellness

Nourish, Cleanse and Balance Typical Sunrider Day



Wellness enthusiasts ask me often how the “Nourish, Cleanse and Balance” program works on a typical Sunrider day. Here is an outline;

  • Morning Calli (32 ounces throughout the morning, I keep my Calli in a thermos on my desk. Sometimes I steep it, let it cool, enjoy it tepid or mix with Fortune Delight. Calli and Fortune are for Cleansing and Nourishing.
  • Take my Quinary- 2 capsules (super food nutrition with 47+ plants). Quinary is for Balance. It balances all five of my bodies systems.
  • Work out aerobic, weights and stretching at least 30 minutes 4 times a week.
  • NuPlus or VitaShake Meal (mix with 8 ounces of your preferred fluid, mine is almond milk unsweetened, ¼ cup of  egg whites and fruit- banana, peach, strawberries, yum). NuPlus and VitaShake are for nourishing.
  • A slice of bread- my favorite bread is Ezekiel sprouted raisin bread in the morning. This bread is so dense and so rich in nutrition is holds me over for a few hours. I’m nourishing!!!
  • Fruit and nuts – I love to eat an apple mid morning and snack on granola or nuts (watch out for the sugared granola!), a Sunrider protein bar-SunBar or Sunrider NuPlus snacks- NuPuffs. All foods are intent for nourishing
  • Lunch around 12 noon or 1 pm- start drinking 32 oz of  Fortune Delight. I love the peach or berry!. No more than 4 – 6 ounces of meat,  lots of veggies. Make this a nice big meal. Just watch the calories and the sugars! Eat as much fresh and nutritious as you can. Nourishing and Cleansing and lessening my intake of acidic foods- sugar, processed, meat, and diary.
  • Take Quinary, at least (2) with each meal if I feel I need it depending how I feel.  Balancing 
  • Keep drinking fortune. I’m cleansing and nourishing. Since I weigh 120 pounds I need to drink at least 60 ounces (120.. or your weight?  divided by 2 = 60 is the equation for necessary fluid ounces in my case). For a good cleanse each day I shoot for 3 – 4 quarts of fluid, mostly the teas = 96- 128 ounces of fluid.
  • 3 ish enjoy a SunBar, fruit or chocolate or some NuPuffs. Add a healthy snack of fruit or veggies here if you like. Remember eating several little meals a day keeps your metabolism pumping.  I’m back to nourishing!
  • 6pm dinner finish Fortune Delight, try a very light meal for dinner and add a VitaShake or NuPlus here.  Usually I’m not that hungry.  So if I plan dinner out, I usually skip the big lunch.  Nourishing and Cleansing
  • I take my Quinary again. Balancing
  • Are you hungry around 8? I finally sit down to watch an hour of TV around 9 pm and yes, I want to eat something so I get out something healthy… maybe it’s Kashi Go Lean cereal to much on, granola, nuts and yes, even a glass of wine every now and then. But not too MUCH. Deprivation doesn’t work so know that you can have it but don’t overindulge. Put your treats in a bowl and say to yourself that’s your limit. You’ll see how it all pays off in SPADES. Your nutrition is so much better, your energy is better and so much more. Oops, I almost forgot, I drink Nighttime Calli tea, 1 cup before I go to bed. It’s so calming and good for me. Nourishing and Cleansing.
  • Next Day .. begin again and repeat for optimal wellness.


See how that works?  I am eating foods with wonderful nutrition and my cost is each day is between $8 – $10 /day! Plus, I don’t take Motrin anymore, painkillers, sleeping pills or additional vitamins.

Special Note: I also give my dog, Carley, the Calli tea grinds in the morning. She now has more energy and sheds so much less with the tea. And my plants love the tea grinds for fertilizer, they now bloom and are much darker green in color.

For your convenience, the food and beverage mixing instructions are available on my website,  or I can send them to you. Just let me know.

Understanding the Sunrider meals (NuPlus or VitaShake)…you need to drink or eat your shakes within 15 min or so because of the live enzymes.  Just like juicing, they die with oxidation.  So the max benefit is when they are live. 


Also, you don’t have to make a shake from the meal. That is just the optimal way many people like them for taste preference.  I have people that mix the NuPlus with a little Fortune Delight or Calli tea and add SunnyDew. This makes a paste and they eat it like applesauce. Some people put the NuPlus in yogurt or actual applesauce. There are many recipes for NuPlus and VitaShake because it is so adaptable and good for the body.

What about the teas???…..The Calli stays good for about 5 hours and the Fortune Delight only about 3 to 4.  Some people chill their Fortune Delight tea and their Calli and that is OK, but remember the teas are live plants and when you heat them or ice them too much they die like anything else.

What if you eat or cook with your family….. I usually try to eat bigger side dishes so I can avoid too much meat or dairy.  Diary just does not serve me well. Others swear they need it but I don’t so you decide.

I also try to stay away from cooking most of my foods, especially microwaving them. Did you know that each time you reheat a food it kills more of its nutrition? 

Even if you are eating cooked veggies or pasta/potatoes, beans, you can make a larger salad or just “dress” the side dish up a bit to make it more of a larger portion of your meal.  Typically I do eat one meal of meat a day and keep it at 4- 6 ounces of mean. I know it is harder to do when cooking for the family, but actually it really is easier than you might think. 

A couple of dishes that I eat that are cooked are quinoa which is a grain somewhat like rice.  I cook quinoa, which is very nutritious, and add tomatoes, onions, avocado and some Himalayan salt.  It’s pretty easy to be creative and I would recommend getting a raw recipe book and vegan cook book or just search the Internet. Remember – Sunrider is all raw and live. 


How about dining out? …..When I go out to eat is when I cheat a little.  I may have cheese, breads, etc… but just not that much. I enjoy the tastes and move on to foods more nutritious for me. I usually bring a Calli or Fortune tea bag with me and mix it in the water. This keeps me from craving the foods I don’t need and I also get my nutrition from the tea…plus I save money on paying for black ice tea that only gives me caffeine high.

That just doesn’t taste good and doesn’t work for me anymore. Come to think of it, I guess it never did.  

I hope this helps and I will always be available for your questions. 

Be well,

Christine p.480.491.9551

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