Meals that are Supercharged with Over 40 Plants! NuPlus and Vitashake

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MEALS????  When I want a meal LOADED with nourishing plants I know to get a packet of NuPlus or Vitashake made with care by Sunrider.

They grow the plants in China and in Taiwain and have them shipped to the Port of Los Angeles. Then they extract and concentrate the plants for my meal. The VitaShake and the NuPlus comes in different flavors and differing plant combinations. The combinations are specifically created for optimal synergy with my body in mind.

How wonderful that they have gone to so much trouble to make a meal so complete for me to enjoy. When I eat my VitaShake or NuPlus I feel incredibly satisfied. It’s funny how euphoric I can feel from eating such amazing food. I can just feel my body thanking me for taking such good care of it.

Thank you Sunrider for making these products. I don’t miss a day without them and I also don’t miss a day telling others about something this special.

Before I knew about VitaShake or NuPlus I thought I needed to buy fruits, vegetables and helpful herbs all the time. How could I do that and afford it. Plus, I wondered how I was going to find time chopping and preparing them all for a meal. Those worries are behind me now. I have a meal for @ a dollar and it’s all ready for me to enjoy. It’s wonderful and so is it’s power to regenerate my health.

If you would like to try this meal, I would be happy to send you one. It’s my pleasure to share this present with you.

Your friend in wellness,

Christine Marek/ Sunrider Business Owner and Wellness Consultant/ 480.491.9551

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