Is the Food YOU Eat Making You Sick?

Do you know if you have too much acid in your body that is making you sick, tired and age sooner?It’s easy to find out if this is happening to you!

If you know how to identify akalized vs. acidic food you will enjoy optimal health by achieving a balanced pH level in your body. Yes, it’s that simple.

A good gardner knows that when their plants have a balanced pH level than they grow strong, healthy and beautiful produce. Well that’s the same for your human body. We have pH levels, too. And we need a balance.

Here’s the sad part about that, most of us are OFF balance with too much ACID in our body, because we eat too many acidic foods.

It is a fact that when your pH level is balanced correctly then your body can heal and regenerate cells for optimal, long-lasting health. That’s the fountain of youth in a nutshell. And those that know this simple fact live a wonderful, long and healthy life. Now that’s powerful information and it’s been available to us.

Those with too much acid or even too much akaline will suffer. The medical community has learned that when we nourish ourselves with too many acidic foods for instance these foods cause the pH inbalance which results in the body doing whatever it can to be balanced so it will do that by finding what it can to balance. How does it do that? It eats at our blood, cells and bones. This is what can cause disease, infection, auto-immune diseases and premature aging. Does this make sense to you that they call it acid?

Here’s an important fact: For a healthy pH level your daily diet needs to consist of at least 70% foods that are akaline based. That’s alot of plants, and the easiest and best way I keep balanced is with Sunrider foods and teas. I can’t afford NOT to have them in my life.

If you’d like a list of Acid and Akaline foods to identify then email or a call me and I’ll send you a wonderful report about this important health matter.

P.S. Sunrider foods are a Terrific way to easily add more Akaline foods to your life. Enjoy Calli tea, Fortune Delight teas, NuPlus, Quinary, VitaShake and so much more!!! Let me know if want more info about these amazingly helpful foods.

Be Well and Balanced!

Chrisitne Marek
Sunrider Business Owner
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