Eat More, Lose More, and Weigh Less?

Is it Really Possible to Eat More, Lose More, and Weigh Less?

Is It Really Possible to Eat More, Lose More, and Weigh Less?

Did you know that 64 percent of people in the US are overweight?  That obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year?  That 27 percent of Americans are classified as obese?  And that obesity in the US is increasing at an alarming rate?  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could eat the same amount – or more – and still lose weight?  Is it really possible to eat more, lose more, and weigh less?

The answer is “yes!”

Research has found that people feel full based on the amount of food they eat, not their caloric intake.  Therefore, it is possible to feel as full after eating a plate of whole-wheat pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes and olive oil as it is to consume a plate of fettuccine alfredo.  I know what you’re thinking – whole-wheat pasta doesn’t taste as good.  But does the fettuccini really taste better, especially when you consider the damage it is doing?

The number of calories in a specific amount or weight of food is called “calorie density.”  The more “dense” a food is, the more “fattening” it is.

Foods that contain a lot of water or fiber and little fat are usually considered low in calorie density.  These choices will help you feel full without adding unnecessary calories.

By trading cream-based soups for filling, broth-based soups (such as minestrone), chips for raw vegetables and hummus, French fries with baked potatoes and low-fat sour cream, you CAN eat more and lose weight.

Another trick is NOT to let yourself get too hungry.  By eating a meal low in calorie density, try NuPlus or a Sunrider VitaShake Meal every two-three hours, you can maintain a comfortable, satisfied feeling that prevents the caloric overloading when you feel famished.

Make sure you stay hydrated.  Often, people will mistake thirst for hunger.  So be sure you’re drinking enough water and other non-caloric liquids during the course of the day.  Avoid drinks such as soda, regular milk, and sugar-laden tea and coffee.

Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight tea is a great way to hydrate on an optimal cellular level, plus it’s packed with nutrition!

Take an inventory of your kitchen and replace dairy products with low- or non-fat, white rice with brown rice, white bread with grain bread, chips and pretzels with vegetables and fruit.  Eat more frequently and enjoy the lighter, healthier feeling that comes with consuming foods that are low in calorie density.

And start eating more, losing more, and weighing less today.

For your whole food nutrition diet plan that includes, Calli tea, Fortune Delight Tea, NuPlus, and Quinary call Christine at 480-491-9551 today and let’s LIVE not Diet.

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  • leonid:

    I believe that maintaining healthy diet one has to consider the type of digestive system that created over the years… I am a mixt type but with prevalence of proteins. Therefore, to eliminate GI problems 80-90% of my diet is supposed to be proteins. To eliminate the digestive problems such as bloating, gas, GER, alternating stool (constipation or diarrhea) the fruits and raw vegetables have to be consumed seperately from the proteins.
    Consuming fats is necessary for our body to create energy(ATP + oxygen) required for biochemistry process (feeding our cells) of healthy nutrition. Therefore, limitation of fats (non-fat or low fat diets) are unhealthy for our body)
    Besides that, limitation of consuming fruits and other carbs will prevent hyperinsulin production which is directly lead to development of DM type 2
    Thanks, Leonid

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