Important Sunrider News

This week, Dec. 7th, we have several Sunrider nutrition events combined with two “Health and Wellness” Classes.

Tomorrow, Dec. 8th we have a webinar titled, “Life Changing, High Energy, Sunrider Nutritional Foods” presented by Glenda Feilen.  Glenda is a wonderful speaker and explains thoroughly how helpful Sunrider foods help our bodies so if you have a chance from 6 – 7 pm 12.8, listen to this webinar. For link details contact me at .

The same night Jane Hendricks, NMD, will be offering a class about weight loss at her central Phoenix home. She’s going to help us understand and sort out the carb/protein diets that work and don’t work. That starts at 7 pm at her home so also contact me for more details. My phone number is 480-491-9551 if you prefer using a phone. I know I do when it’s timely and important to me.

Then I’m really excited to announce the two “Health and Wellness” classes we have planned for this Saturday, 12.12. Scroll down on this website and see them in the class category.

Host for the classes are Dr. Betsy Yurgel and Dr. Meghna Thacker. More information about them is in the class category.

Gotta go, Christmas Party at 6:30 pm tonight. Be safe and healthy and I’ll keep sending you more good health and wellness info and experts.

Optimal Health to you!

Christine Marek

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