Hospital Food Testimonial- 11.2010

I was at the Hospital three days ago visiting a friend and the family was telling me that nothing he eats is staying down. . He has an inoperable tumor wrapped around his small intestine and no food will digest at all. I was curious  as to what they were feeding him in the hospital and I stayed for breakfast which was eggs, bacon milk and ensure and I had forgotten my camera so I had to get it and waited his lunch time. this is his lunch Italian sausage PASTA, milk, chocolate milk, a piece of bread, crackers, and and iceberg lettuce salad. Do you wonder why his poor system goes into spasms and all they can do is sedate him to stop the pain? so  I started feeding him Nuplus immediately with some cinnamon calli. He was in ICU for two weeks and yesterday(two days later)  for the first time,he was able to attain a day pass so that he could go home and see his Family!!! 

Sunrider is amazing!!!!!!

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