HCG + Sunrider= Success? Week Two

This Blog Post is a continued series of articles about Christine Marek’s  journey on the HCG Diet- June 2011. She hopes these posts help others to be able to enjoy the Sunrider nutrition and benefits during the HGC diet process.

I write this post on Thursday night, day 13, week 2  of my HCG diet. My weight loss at this point is 6 pounds.

Last night, I must confess I broke down and ate one slice of sourdough bread with peanut butter on it. And I didn’t stop there. I then ate two hershey chocolate kisses.

Hey! I felt so much better and today I feel fine and I’m not craving those two items.  I WILL be strong.

The Sunrider teas and foods are helping me feel better with such a low caloric intake. And so is the Emergence-C Lite. Dr. Becky Whelchel discouraged me from eating the Sunrider SunBars between meals because they had carbs not wanted on the diet and also fruits not recommended on the diet.  So I’m back eating apples.

It  made me sad to see the SunBars go. I love the nutrition, taste and fiber they offer with 2 grams of sugar and little fat.

Now if I had continued to loose weight she would have let me keep them but I am now at a stand still. My weight has been at 118 for four days. See what little cheating can do.

With 11 more days to go and 4 – 6 pounds left to shed to reach my goal I must be strong. Thank goodness my family and friends are helping me. My friend Cathy is joining me this week and others who have accomplished their goals are rooting me on.

Am I grumpy at times? Yes! Light headed? Yes Easily distracted.. huh?

At least my achy legs and headaches have subsided.

Now I need to poop. Its been three days and I don’t like that at all. I took three Sunrider slim caps today with my dinner. They work wonderfully for me regarding this constipation issue. It’s better than Surnider’s Fibertone and since I can’t have the SunBars I need to add something.

Will all this be worth it? Yes!

I will be leaner.

I will be detoxified.

And I believe I’ll be enjoying more Sunrider with weight maintenance when the total 24 days are over.

Goals in sight,

Christine Marek

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