Get Calli Tea for Dimes on the Dollar- New Pricing Announced!

Remarkably good news came this February 2010 from Sunrider. We can all enjoy their products for so much less.

See the information from the headquarter below and call me, TODAY to set up you free, no obligation account. Christne Marek- 480.491.9551 or toll free 1-866-456-4701 (my Phx.Marketing offices). It’s a great to get good news!

Dear Sunrider

Drs. Chen and a few leaders completed an extremely successful and uplifting five-city tour from Tuesday through Saturday last week.

(They announced the new pricing, which is offering huge discounts to all who love and benefit from Sunrider foods and other products. Please see for yourself with the link provided below.) 

You can also review the new prices by clicking on the link below:

Sincerely,            Ras Jeyakumar        Director, Regional Operations 

If you have any questions, please email me (Christine)  at

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