Experts say “Tougher Times” are ahead. Be prepared with Sunrider Foods and Teas

Scarey times when we see that Tony Robbins (motivational speaker) and Richard Kyiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) are warning that life will get harder before it gets better. Here is a little of what these people are saying…

Taxes will go out of sight, and corporations, in response to the increased corporate taxes, will pass that cost on to the consumer with higher prices for goods.

–The are warning us now to act now to protect your future


Stop squandering your money and invest in your food supply, necessities and items that can be used for barter. Get a dehydrator and vacuum pack the food. We cant be certain that we would have refrigeration.

Grow your own food and invest in pure, healthy food products that can easily be stored. Our food is now being poisoned. (Monsanto has genetically modified the seeds, combining them with pesticides [poison])

The foods that arent poisoned are irradiated which kills the vital enzymes. Is it any wonder that there is an increase of cancer and strange new diseases that doctors dont have any idea how to treat.

I have found two products which are sustainable, grown on soils which arent depleted, and are not combined with poisons.

One is Sunrider’s NuPlus (meal), a combination of 40 fruits, vegetables and herbs. The extracted concentrated, powdered meal is packaged to easily stored and hidden if needed. It has a shelf life of @ 3 years. Also look at Sunrider’s Vitashake. This also contains scores of plants stored in their live enzyme forms. They are amazing.

Both products are alkaline and serve to heal the body. Eat them on a daily basis plus store them for the future.

Article provided by Kaye Loraine…. thank you, Kaye

Christine Marek
Sunrider Business Owner- for all your Sunrider needs call me at 480.491.9551

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