Feb. Speaker Bio- Dr. Harlan Sparer a Non-Force Chiropractic and more!

Dr. Harlan Sparer practices D.N.F.T.®, or Directional Non Force Technique® Chiropractic.  This technique originated around 1920 by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt.  Dr. Sparer studied with Dr. Van Rumpt from 1978 until he passed on in 1987.  He continues to study D.N.F.T. through continuing education with his successor, Dr. Chris John.  He has taken 64 seminars, logging about 1800 hours of continuing education in D.N.F.T.® outside of his 5 year Chiropractic Doctorate.

 Dr. Harlan Sparer is a Wholistic Chiropractor.  He is in practice for 30 years, exclusively practicing the Directional Non Force Technique®, a 75 year old method he learned from its founder and developer, Dr. Richard Van Rumpt.  He believes in treating a patient for a minimum number of visits with the goal of quick results.  The method involves a precise analysis and correction of subluxations causing nerve interference whether the bones are out of alignment from front to back (posterior), side (lateral), or back to front (anterior).  He works on ligaments, muscles, bones, and discs.  There is no charge for a personal consultation and he practices on Sundays and evenings.  All work is done in privacy with Dr. Sparer working one on one with each patient.

Dr. Sparer has also studied and taught Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Color Healing, Bach Flower Essences, Kabbalah, Color Healing, Dowsing, Metaphysics, Bindegewebs Massage, Childbirth education, Anatomy and Physiology, and Jewish Studies.

For further information about Dr. Sparer, including his poetry, prose, plays, links, and personal information, please visit his personal website.,


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