Day 3- Week 1 of HCG with Sunrider- Results

This Blog Post is a continued series of articles about Christine Marek’s  journey on the HCG Diet- June 2011.

Now I begin three weeks on a 500 calorie limit intake for the day. Can I do this? I’m not sure. But my husband Ron seems to be doing it just fine for the past two weeks and feeling OK so here I go.

When I awake I weigh myself right after I urinate. Then I take a shot in the belly of HCG. Calli tea is my breakfast along with 3 capsules of Quinary. Thank goodness!  I drink a quart (4 cups or 32 oz) of Calli tea. I also excercise for 30 minutes, walking and weight lifting, plus some cardio on the versa climber. Nothing too strenous.

So begins my mornings for the next 3 weeks.

Oh, I miss my ezekiel raisin bread and later a NuPlus fruit smoothy. But for three days I must stay away from even the NuPlus.

Day 6, that morning I mix plain NuPlus in my 16 oz of Sunrider tea shaker at @ 10 am in the morning. Oh, this makes my body feel better. It’s been hard to concentrate and my energy is very low with only 500 calories.

Week 1 for lunch & dinner  I have these foods:

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Sashimi Fish- salmon & tuna (I’m not suppose to have Salmon.. too fatty)
  • Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, scallions, lettuce
  • Vinegar for salad dressing
  • Dill weed and Celery Salt for spices on my salad and meat
  • Steak
  • Meatballs.. was at an Italian Restaurant Ribbon Cutting!
  • Miso Soup
  • Strawberries
  • Fortune Delight Peach tea. Dr. Becky says I should really just drink lemon or Raspberry or plain.  But I love my peach.

Week 1 I lost 4 lbs. Yahoo!

I am glad to loose the weight and to detox from the bad foods.

The detox I notice fatique, irratibility, headaches (minor), leg cramps.

Dr. Becky Whelchel gives me a B12 shot after the 1st week and examines what I eat and how I feel and exercise. All is going well.  I must include Emergence- C Lite at least two times during the day to help with the energy and cramping. I usually only get this in once a day.

It’s all not very severe, the symptoms, but annoying at times.

I also added Evergreen from Sunrider into my diet during the late afternoon, once this week. Oh that was so good and my body thanked me!

Striving for a goal,


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