Day 1- HCG with Sunrider

This Blog Post is a continued series of articles about Christine Marek’s  journey on the HCG Diet- June 2011.

Day 1 and 2  gave myself the HCG injections and my doctor,  Dr. Whelchel, told me to enjoy all kinds of fatty foods.  It’s the gorge stage.

Note- This is a 21 day journey. My goal is to loose 10 pounds, from 124 to 114 and maintain that weight.

At first I thought, I won’t be able to do that because I eat pretty good, especially since alot of what I eat is Sunrider. But then I got to thinking about all the bad things I do eat and drink on occassion.

  • ice cream
  • pizza
  • wine
  • chocolate
  • pasta
  • french bread
  • peanut butter
  • chocolate chip cookies

These are all things I must stay away from that I could eat for two days, and I DID.

I also continued enjoying my Calli & Fortune Delight tea, my Quinary and NuPlus.  That’s what keeps me sane and my body in balance.

The result was a 2 pound gain.  To be continued, see my next post.

Striving for a goal,


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