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Toothpaste is not created EQUAL. Find out why.

Sunrider’s SunSmile Toothpaste is wonderful for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

Here’s a quick video testimonial from Lorene about it.

SunSmilte Toothpaste

And here’s a note from Kevin about what he discovered when he switched over to Sunrider’s SunSmile Toothpaste.

I now use Sunrider Sunsmile Toothpaste and Whitening Gel!
I use to get cold sores (once a month) using Crest type toothpastes.
I have been getting cold sores in my mouth ever since I was 15 yrs old.
I have been to several doctors – they said it was my diet and I was allergic to food. Doctors gave me a bunch of pills to take  - which never worked.
Now I find out the tooth paste (Crest) I was using caused the sores.
I switched to Sunrider toothpast about 10 months ago and have not got any cold sores since then.
Too bad it took 40 years to figure this out!!
Thank You,
Contact Christine at 480.688-8147 if you want to order this wonderful toothpaste. Or email her at .