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Sunrider Nourish, Balance, Cleanse with HCG

This is my Sunrider Nourish, Balance & Cleanse with HCG Journal.

Many of you asked me to document how my progress is going. So here it goes.

First, I start out with a confession that I have not been eating the healthiest. Thank goodness for Sunrider for helping me balance out the pollution I put into my body, i.e. ice cream, tortilla chips, cheese, alcohol… love Pinot Noir, lots of breads, etc.. you get the picture.

From my excuses with stress, family issues, personal and work challenges I’ve eaten badly at times and my weight has risen to 132 pounds as of the start of this NBC with HCG diet, May 13.

A week has passed and I weigh 127 lbs. I’ve been at a status quo with this weight for two days.

8 am

I inject .2 ml into myself in the morning.  5 Quinary Capsules, 2 Dandelion (morning and night)

I eat half an apple- Drink Calli Tea Reg. with Stevia

Light exercise- walk or bike with my dog, Max.

10 am

Drink Calli Tea Reg. with Stevia and mix with Plain NuPlus


1/2 chicken breast with salad- dressing is balsamic vinegar

3 pm

1/2 apple if I like and more Calli Tea Reg. with Stevia and NuPlus.

5:30 pm

Salad with 1/2 chicken breast

Day 4… I ate several strips of fish and a handroll. Boy that felt good.

Extra… munching on occassion with celery and red peppers.

I’m really not that hungry, my energy level has been very good.

Today- Day 6 feeling really achy below from my waist down. Very tired this morning, too.

The night before and last night feeling really achy… hard to sleep, urinating alot…

Only one poop this week. Sorry for being graphic. I think I’m achey because I need to release the toxins. There I go thinking :) )

The Plan: I plan to finish the cleanse on Monday, 5.27. The day before I move our office & home to the San Diego area. My goal is to be 120 lbs by then.

I hope I can stay strong.  I am moving and starting a new life and wanted to thank my body for hanging in there. So I wanted to purge not only stuff in my house but stuff on my body. How’s that for being over ambitious?

I really needed to do the cleanse and love how I am nourishing myself with Sunrider. Updates to come.

Christine Marek


HCG Diet – Best Herbal Tea is Fortune Delight

Fortune Delight Teas are Amazingly Good for YOU! And it is highly recommended on the HCG Diet as one of the best Herbal Teas you can find!

$10 for a box of ten tea bags/ makes up to 48oz/ $56.25 for a box of 60 tea bags*

Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Teas are a very important and helpful part of my day.

They not only taste great but they give my body so many important gifts. This is what I’ve learned about Sunrider’s Fortune Teas;

The human body’s natural systems and processes remove impurities and wastes. Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Teas are one of Sunrider’s herb beverages designed to assist these natural elimination processes. While many of the undesirable elements we take into our bodies are quickly eliminated, others may be stored – and even trapped – in the body, especially in fat cells. Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Teas compliment the natural processes assisting in the elimination of wastes and impurities which may be stored in the body’s cells. Are you interested in a cleansing tea that has been found to improve digestion; increase energy and stamina; provide natural slenderness; and lower cholesterol levels? Explore Fortune Delight tea.

Everyday I drink 32 ounces of Fortune Delight Tea twice a day; in the morning and the afternoon. I mix one packet of the concentrated and dehydrated teas into 32 – 48 ounces of water. Please know that the Fortune teas come in lemon, peach, berry and regular flavors and mix the best with room temperature water.

If you like your tea a bit sweet like me, add Sunrider’s advanced liquid formula from the extract to the Stevia plant called SunnyDew ($15 bottle- lasts for months). Just one drop of this liquid keeps my sweet tooth appeased and my pancreas happy, too.

The ingredients of Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Tea (peach)  include the following;

Camellia Extract, an exotic blend of Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, LaLang Grass Root Extract, Apple Juice, Peach Juice, and it’s full of antioxidants.

The ingredients of Sunrider’s Fortune Delight Tea (lemon)  include the following;

Camellia Extract, an exotic blend of Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, LaLang Grass Root Extract, Lemon extract, and it’s full of antioxidants.

Christine Marek

Sunrider Fan and Business Owner

P. 480.491.9551

Recommended Sunrider Foods and Teas for the HCG Diet

Here is a list of the recommended foods and teas that can be consumed for a successful HCG Diet.

  • Calli Regular or Cinnamon Tea
  • Fortune Delight Regular, Cinnamon, Lemon or Raspberry
  • Quinary
  • NuPlus Plain or Simply Herbs
  • VitaShake Strawberry
  • SunnyDew or Sunectar Stevia
  • Evergreen

All these foods are part of the important Nourish, Balance and Cleanse foods from Sunrider.

Please contact me if you’d like to know more about these amazing health foods.

Christine Marek/ Sunrider Consultant/Successful HCG dieter/ p. 480.491.9551/


HCG Diet + Sunrider = Success…Week 3 Truths Uncovered

This Blog Post is a continued series of articles about Christine Marek’s  journey on the HCG Diet- beginning June 2011. She hopes these posts help others to be able to enjoy the Sunrider nutrition and benefits during the HGC diet process.

August 7, 2011-

I write this post on Sunday night 8 weeks after starting this blog ( 6/10/11). I am 8 pounds lighter. My goal was ten, I achieved 11 and I am no longer on an HCG diet.

You may be wondering what happened to my diet after week 2? I stopped blogging because life happened. My blogging prioirty was tosted down the list of things to do.

Here’s the updated truth…Into my third week I began my menses. My doctor advised me to stop the diet during this time of female cleansing. Actually I was relieved to go back to eating more calories. Even if I could have continued I’m not sure if I would have. I just did not feel very good on the diet.

The 500 caloric intake was so difficult for me. I was tired, cramping and my mental clarity was not strong, either. I didn’t even want to drive. Granted I was only on the HCG diet for 2 weeks and others say, including my doctor,  that HCG absorbed over time will increase my energy levels and also deter my food cravings. This arguable fact from many I did not test.

After I got off the diet I went on a California business trip and vacation. Yes, I was lighter as I hit a weight goal of 113 pounds. At the beginning I was 124. Best part was that even off the diet I kept losing. Yeah! I believe this happened because I kept to the recommended food intake only eating more. And then I have slowly  added the bad habit foods into my life. This includes  occasional alcoholic drinks, (yes, I love Pinot Noir), breads, some sugars and nuts. I so missed the nuts!

Hey, I’m not perfect and some of those foods I abandoned during the HCG diet I love and they ARE good for me. For instance SunBars are so yummy and I feel so good when I eat them.  It’s just that they are high in calories and/or complex carbs and I know I can only metabolize 1200 calories a day. If I want to loose weight I need to take in less calories. Plain and simple. I choose and those choices are reflected in my weight and body appearance. It’s also reflected in my mental attitude. Yes certain foods make me feel more confident and others can make me feel sad.

So far my weight has fluctuated from 116 to 120 pounds depending on what I splurge on.

Would I go on the HCG diet again? Probably not, but I am happy that I did because I had the toughest time getting my weight under the 120 pound plateau. I’ve been trying with no success for 6 years. Today, I believe I will  keep my weight maintenance thanks to the HCG diet for bumping up my middle age metabolism and I also thank Sunrider foods for keeping my weight down below 120. When I eat my nourish, balance and cleanse Sunrider foods and teas my weight is great. It’s when I eat the bad foods – sugar, pasta , processed foods, too large of portions, breads and alcohol I will gain back the weight.

Exercise has to be a big part of my weight maintenance, too. I love the look of lean, toned muscles on me and as I continue to excercise and discipline myself to eat foods that are best for me I’ll see more progress in my personal health goals. Heck, if I’m really good I could look like my favorite body builder friend, Jamie Ambler. … OK I’m dreaming. It’s not that big of a deal to me…yet.

It’s all about choices and I loved learning about them with the HCG diet. I’m sure glad Sunrider was there for me on this journey, too!

Let me know what you think about HCG Diets and Sunrider. I’d love to share my thoughts and education on this matter with you.

Fighting for my best health,

Christine Marek

Sunrider Consultant/ p. 480.491.9551