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Detox Journal – Days 4, 5 & 6- I’m improving!!!

The things I wanted to have happen are taking place!

  • My focus is better.
  • I barely crave my bad food.
  • I’m loosing weight.
  • My energy is positive and longer.
  • I’m still a bit achey.. but then I am detoxing

If you are curious if you want a detox ask me for the questionaire and scroll down on this blog for the 10 day Detox / Weightloss outline.

Here’s to fresh beginnings!

Christine/ 88-988-4882


2nd & 3rd Detox Day- More Challenges and Side Effects!

Its the 2nd and 3rd Day into my Sunrider Detox. My doctor, Dr. Becky Whelchel, approved and loved it.

I’ve lost 2 lbs, now 125, and I’m thinking quicker, feeling stronger (pushing more weights) and sleeping more peacefully.

The effects of the detox bring a few negative affects right now. At the beginning of my detox I feel a little more tired than usual. During the day, I have a bit of  a headache, I feel mucus in my throat and I’m craving bad food- sugar,  bread  and wine.

Hey, those foods are what I’m staying away from. Those are my foods that make me ache, put weight on me, weaken me, reduce my clarity and support non-productive thinking. It’s so weird that my body wants them.

Its time to be strong and commend myself each meal for making a choice to feed myself wonderful whole foods that includes a plethra of vegetables and fruits, (thanks to Sunrider).

Mornings include the VitaShake, strawberries, bananna and Quinary and start with warm Calli tea with SunnyDew.

Snacks are apples and a piece of Ezikeil Raisen bread

Lunch is @ 6 ounces of lean meat and salad.

Snack is a SunBar or an apple. More Calli tea and Fortune Delight.

Dinner is a salad. (Slim caps and Dandelion Root caps are included at each meal.)

2nd day I was quite hungry. I had lunch and dinner business meetings and just ate the salads.

I’m having one bowel movement a day. Drinking the teas has me urinating often, the cleansing is occuring for sure.

Right before bed I was hungry again. I had three bites of a cooked chicken breast.

Every morning I’ve continued my weight lifting routine and stretched. I was able to take a few minutes the 1st day and ride my bike 2.2 miles for a 15 minute ride. But work got in the way and I’ve not been able to ride the bike on day 2 & 3.

Getting the aerobic exercise each day would help me loose more weight faster. So if that’s important to your goal, get r’ done.

I’ve avoided chicken wings, pizza, wine, bruchetta, donuts, chocolate cake, chips, pasta and soda the last 3 days. Oh those business meetings are so unhealthy for my detox but I am being strong. That last meeting at Fleming’s steakhouse was TOUGH.

Tomorrow is Friday. I love to have a glass of wine on Friday. Not this time, I want to detox for 10 days and I’m going to do it.

I’m going to loose 5 lbs and grow less and less dependent on the bad food in my life. Here’s to my wellness intentions.

Christine Marek

1st Day Detox- Business lunch challenge

Yes, I started the 10 day Sunrider detox today, 1.17.11.

I went to the gym and the scale says I am just over 127 at 5 feet two inches.

I’d like to detox and loose 3- 5 pounds with the 10 day plan.

My first challenge was a business lunch I had to attend.

At the lunch were turkey sandwiches,  salad,  sodas, chips and chocolate cake.

I put on my plate the salad and the turkey sandwich.

Then I cut up the turkey from the sandwich and mixed it in the salad.

No dressing was added because all of the choices had sugar or diary in them.

And I did not eat the cheese or the bread with the sandwich.

It was good. I was hungry when I got back to the office so I ate a gala apple.

Oh yes, and I brought my Sunrider calli tea thermos to drink at lunch.

So I stayed on track! Now let’s see if I cheat right before bed. That’s my weakest moment of the day.

Wish me luck and let me know how you are doing.



10 Day Sunrider Weight Loss and Detox Plan

10 Day- Sunrider Natural Weight Loss and/or Detox Plan


Step 1- Warm up a quart of water (4 cups 32 oz.) and steep one Calli Tea Bag in it for 5 minutes. I drink a cup as I get ready for work. Then I put the rest of it in a thermos and drink it all morning long.

Calli tea

  • Calli tea works with the body’s natural cleansing processes to eliminate waste, which is probably the most important first step in natural weight loss.
  • You’ll receive more benefits in one Calli tea bag than you can possibly get from any store-bought tea. This is a great replacement for coffee, which studies have shown can actually make you gain weight.

Enjoy SunnyDew Liquid Stevia to enhance the flavor of Calli Tea, and to curb cravings.


You’ll only need a few drops per quart.  Stevia is a sweet herb that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.  We call it “food for the pancreas”, and it is an important part of our natural weight loss plan. I love to sweeten it with SunnyDew, Then I put the rest in a thermos and take it with me to drink for the morning. (Don’t over steep or put in boiling water.)


Sunrider VitaShake

Mix 1 VitaShake (cocoa or strawberry) with 8-12 oz of liquid (Calli or Fortune Delight tea, quality water, juice, rice, soy or almond milk) Note: I use my calli tea.

  • One serving of this concentrated whole food formula provides your body with complex carbohydrates, proteins, natural antioxidants, and phytonutrients from plants. These nutrients satisfy your hunger quickly and effectively.
  • This whole food formula curbs cravings, so you are not thinking about food all day, which is a major step toward natural weight loss and keeping it off.
  • You can’t buy nutrition this powerful at the store, and definitely not in a restaurant.
  • The time saved in preparing so much nutrition (dozens and dozens of fruits, vegetables and herbs) quickly and conveniently is priceless.


“I enjoy if a banana and few strawberries (sometimes blue and blackberries, too)  in my Breakfast shake before I go to work. It satisfies my morning sweet cravings. Shortly after the shake have a regular BM. Right away I can feel how my body loves this food. And I can see how it cleanses me at the start of my day” Christine Marek..ask for for other testimonials, too.

Add 1 Quinary Packet to your VitaShake, or drink Quinary as a warm Calli

Sunrider Quinary

Quinary is  unlike any other health food product. It is available in packets of powder, capsules, or in liquid form as Liqui-5.Quinary is 5 Formulas in 1-made from 47 different Chinese herbs, perfectly combined and concentrated, providing superior nourishment for the 5 Main Systems of the Body: Digestive, Circulatory, Defense, Respiratory and Endocrine Systems.

Wait at least 20 minutes after VitaShake and Quinary, then if still hungry, eat 1 of these items:, apple, whole grain bread. I love Ezekiel raisin bread, one slice.

Weight Loss/ Detox Recommendation:

Slim Caps- Great for Cleanse and Detox!

Sunrider Slim Caps

Take 4 – 6 capsules of Slim Caps for ONLY 2 weeks, NO MORE.  Vitalite® Slim Caps supplements are designed to work synergistically with the body’s own natural cleansing systems.* Vitalite® Slim Caps are designed to give you a jump start on a healthy lifestyle that will help promote longevity and happiness.

Unlike many other weight-management products on the market today, Vitalite® Slim Caps are all natural, made without chemical and synthetic additives. Because Vitalite® Slim Caps are designed as part of a sustainable weight-management program, we also recommend daily exercise in combination with a sensible diet, including high-fiber, low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean white meats or fish.

Dandelion Root- Great Cleanse for the Your Liver!

Sunrider's Quality Dandelion Root Liver Cleanse

The Chinese have long believed that Dandelion Root has been known to have a “cooling” effect on the body’s circulation.* Traditionally, this single herb has been attributed with properties that act as a tonic to the stomach to help the digestive system and to relieve minor sore muscle pain.* Dandelion Root is a natural source of iron, flavonoids and glycosides. Take 2 capsules at each meal.

Mid-morning snack

Eat 1 Sunbar or an apple or both to satisfy hunger and provide necessary fiber that is so essential to any natural weight loss plan.

Sunrider High Fiber SunBars

  • These whole food fiber bars provide essential amino acids, beneficial fats from fruits and nuts, plus concentrated fiber from whole foods.
  • Sunbars assist the digestive system without added sugars, artificial flavors, or preservatives, and satisfy hunger without making you feel bloated.

Note: Be sure to drink your water, or Calli/Fortune Delight Tea when you eat a SunBar. I’m not kidding you need liquid with this high fiber snack.


Drink at least 1 quart (32oz) of our health drink, Fortune Delight throughout the day, especially after eating a Sunbar. 1 packet of Fortune Delight makes 1 full quart.  It works with the body’s natural cleansing properties to promote an efficient elimination system.

  • Fortune Delight is critical to natural weight loss.
  • It is an advanced powder beverage mix that is more affordable and effective than any of those useless, convenience-store vitamin waters.
  • This is far more effective for eliminating waste than plain water and is a totally natural replacement for sodas, bottled waters or harmful energy drinks.
  • No sugar or artificial flavoring, but plenty of flavor.


Use Sunnydew Liquid Stevia againto enhance the flavor of Fortune Delight, and to help curb cravings.  You’ll only need a few drops per quart, just like in the Calli Tea.

Eat one protein source:
A piece of fish, eggs or chicken breast (grilled or baked, skinless) about the size of a deck of cards. Avoid fatty red meats and NO cheese. Soup is great, too, but no noodles.Have a fresh salad, too. Avoid salad dressings, use oil and balsamic vinegar if you need a dressing. Or squeeze lemon on the items you love.

Add NuPlus to your soup if you wish. No starches, no bread! To munch on something eat Ezekiel bread, once piece or gluten free chips/ breadsticks.

Remember to take 2 capsules of Dandelion Root.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Mix 1 NuPlus with 8-12oz of non-dairy milk, Fortune Delight or Calli, or water.

Sunrider NuPlus

OR mix NuPlus with Yogurt. Careful, check for sugar or calories in the yogurt.

Enjoy an apple, strawberries, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Keep drinking your teas for cleansing and filling the stomach.

OR Eat 1 Sunbar  or an apple or both to satisfy hunger and provide necessary fiber that is so essential to any natural weight loss plan.

  • These whole food fiber bars provide essential amino acids, beneficial fats from fruits and nuts, plus concentrated fiber from whole foods.
  • Sunbars assist the digestive system without added sugars, artificial flavors, or preservatives, and satisfy hunger without making you feel bloated.

Note: Be sure to drink your water, or Calli/Fortune Delight Tea when you eat a SunBar. I’m not kidding you need liquid with this high fiber snack.


Drink- Continue drinking water or a favorite Sunrider tea. Three- four quarts is your goal each day.

Eat- Vitashake. If you opt for NuPlus eat 4 ounces of lean protein. Add the Quinary with meal or drink in warm tea. Take 2 capsules Dandelion Root and 4-6 Slim Caps.


Here’s what to purchase for 10 days- Loose weight and Detox

  • 2 Calli tea 10ct Boxes (Mint, Cinnamon, or Regular)
  • 2 Fortune Delight tea 10ct Box (Peach, Raspberry, Lemon, Cinnamon, or Regular)
  • 2 VitaShake (Chocolate or Strawberry)
  • 2 Quinary 10ct Boxes
  • 2 Sunbar 10ct Boxes (Chocolate or Fruit)
  • 2 NuPlus 10ct Box (Apple-Cinnamon, Naturally Plain, Mixed Berry, or Pina-Banana)
  • 1 Bottle of Sunnydew Liquid Stevia
  • 1 Bottle of Slim Caps
  • 1 Bottle of Dandelion Root

Additional foods may be consumed, but pay attention to healthy choices.  Try to eliminate cheese, dairy products, most meats and processed foods (especially those with trans fats, hydrogenated oils, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and high sodium content).  Eat more frequent, light snacks and try to avoid big, fattening meals.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and drinks other than Fortune Delight, Calli or plain water.  Use as much Sunnydew Liquid Stevia as you want (to avoid cravings).  Also, if you like the NuPlus and VitaShake, order more and consume it frequently.  These will definitely eliminate cravings, satisfy your hunger and give you vast amounts of energy without many calories.

Follow this easy, natural weight loss and detox plan for thirty days to achieve more results you’ll feel and others will see.

If it’s right for you, then this will be a lifestyle that is easy to continue, which is really the key to keeping the weight off for life.

The best part is that you can use the whole foods and health drinks mentioned here so quickly and conveniently that you’ll wonder why more people don’t live this way. It saves time and money. You can spend less at the store, yet get so much more nutrition while you start to feel better and look healthier.  If nothing else, you’ll be spending less on groceries.  Instead of spending money on things that tear your body down, you’ll be building your body up with more bang for your buck!

Keep in mind that it may take a few days for your body to adjust to this way of eating. Usually, after the first week, you’ll need fewer calories and carbs. Yet, you will have more energy than you have had in years. This is the way to achieve healthy, natural weight loss and still feel energetic.

Please note: Any weight loss program should include exercise and a sensible diet with high-fiber, low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean white meats or fish.

To buy the this 10 day weight loss and detox plan for $242  click here.

P.S. those who are my Sunrider clients will receive an appreciation discount!!

When you have questions, please contact, me,  Christine Marek online, or call  480.688.8147 or 888.988.4882.