Calli Tea Sunrider Calli Tea

Fortune Delight
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4 Responses to “Calli Tea Sunrider Calli Tea”

  • DianaWalker2010:

    Hi Sherri,
    Great point – yes, the water should always be below boiling, that is for sure… and also I always make sure my Sunriders do not use the microwave to microwave the water or the Calli Tea, since that destroys the live enzymes… and we lose powerful nutrition.

  • SherriBowthorpe:

    Great video!! Be careful not to get the water too hot, we want all those live enzymes!

  • bubblyblue888:

    Wonderful, great job, I love calli tea.

  • glenwoodfin:

    Hi Diana,

    You are so sincere. I’ll buy some Calli Tea from you!

    Glen Woodfin
    Twitter com/GlenWoodfin

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