Calli tea can be recycled & helpful to plants and pets!

I LOVE drinking Calli tea. It makes me feel so good during the day as it cleanses and detoxifies my body.
Each morning a make a warm thermos of 32 ounces of regular Calli tea from just one tea bag a day and drink it at my office as I work.

Wow, does it help me with detailed work. It keeps me focused and energized, too.
With the five plants in each tea bag I also wondered how it could help my dog, Carley.
She has constant fatique from Addison’s Disease, so I figured I see if she could enjoy my Calli tea grinds.
I took the used grinds each morning from my used tea bag and I now mix it into her dry dog kibble and any wet food I may add to her kibble.

Carley loves the Calli, and actually licks her bowl each morning. I’ve learned from Naturopathic Doctors that because Calli has herbs in it, if she has pests in her stomach they will move away and leave the body. And it will give her energy, which I am pleased to report that Carley is much more active today!

I also discovered that since giving Carley the Calli tea grinds she is hardly shedding at all. Go figure and hallelujah! It’s spring here in Phoenix and time when she sheds like crazy but not this year. The hair comes away on the brush and not all over the place like before. Thank you, Calli tea and Dr. Chen.

Oh yes, one more thing.. I give the grinds to my plants, too. No longer do I buy chemical fertilizers. I have Calli now and it makes my plants, indoors and outdoors, greener. Amazingly, my cane plant bloomed from this tea.
This all makes me wonder how I am blooming inside from drinking this tea. I certainly feel better and so do the things, pets and people I love.

Enjoy with healthy regards,

Christine MarekWellness Consultant 480.491.9551.. on call for YOU!

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