Athletic Advantage with Sunrider Whole Food Tea?

Can you see and feel how certain foods give you an advantage in life?

 My son, Nick, 15 years old is healthy and strong.  He’s a gymnast, diver,  football player and a competitive wrestler.

You might have a Nick at your home or family. He’s eating and drinking and I’m making sure he’s getting the best food possible, so that he can achieve his dreams one day at a time.

This week, he had a grueling State Wrestling competition. All day Nick had to wrestle, while making his way up the ranking. During the day, he continually had his Sunrider Fortune Delight Lemon Tea. He loves how it makes him feel even stronger, hydrated and energized.  He’s discoverd how his body loves it, better than water, better than the commercialized sport drinks and best of all there’s not an ounce of sugar in it. Just plants, plants giving his cells nourishment.

Feeling how it works also gives him confidence. He’s doing every single thing he can to be a winner. Nick had that advantage, plus great coaches, lots of hard work, determination and clear-thinking strategy.

That’s what we all need, whether we come home with a 2nd Place State Medal or just come home with a smile. I’m so glad there’s supreme Sunrider food to give us that advantage.

To winners and their support systems!

Please, I invite you to comment on this article or the others. I’d love to hear your winning stories.

Best regards,

Christine Marek/ Sunrider Whole Food Fan and Consultant- p. 480.491.9551

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