What is GetWholeFoodNutrition.com all about????
My name is Christine Marek.
Thank you for visiting our website, GetWholeFoodNutrition.com.
This website has been created to explain Whole Food Nutrition Products, especially Sunrider International Products.

There is a team of Sunrider’s that provide you support from this website. I am the team leader. Then there is Ona Cavassa, Laura Smitherman, Cheryl Wood, Cheryl and Skyler Young, Prince E. Redmond, to name a few that help those who visit this website for Sunrider answers.

The best way to use this site is to look at the category of subjects that best suit your needs. Go to the right hand column of the home page and scroll down to categories. Then open that up and see what you want to watch or read. Please feel free to print this information on or forward it on to others if it helps.

In the categories you’ll see that we have videos showing you how to enjoy whole food nutrition or talking about whole food nutrition choices. Whole food nutrition is the base and key to true health.

We are learning how to achieve optimal health no matter how young or old we are. I’m sure you will agree that living a healthy life is the only way to go, so join us with this process.

We also have videos about how to mix the Sunrider foods to your specific likes. When you first become familiar with Sunrider’s whole and live foods it’s nice to see how to prepare them so that you get the very most of their nutritional benefits.

For those who like to read and research, this website offers articles about Whole Food Nutrition Products and especially Sunrider products.
There are also testimonials from people who enjoy whole food products.
Plus, there are updates and reports on my healthy lifestyle classes which are presented each month in Ahwatukee, (Phoenix), Arizona. Notable speakers include Dr. Betsy Yurgel, Dr. Meghna Thacker, Dr. Becky Whelchel and more!

Please note: Let me know if you have any questions about how to use and share this website with others.

This website is continually in progress, never completed, so your input is greatly appreciated because it is there for you.

If you’d like to know more about me or the others that support this information site please call us on our direct line (480.688.8147). Remember we often answer the phone Bushido!

Updates are also posted on my (Christine Marek’s)  Facebook.
To order Sunrider products please call or email  (info@GetWholeFoodNutritionl.com).
I would love to know more about you, too. So give us a shout and thank you again for being a part of my optimal health journey with Whole Food Nutrition.

Best of health to you and yours!
Christine Marek
p. 480.688.8147

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