2nd & 3rd Detox Day- More Challenges and Side Effects!

Its the 2nd and 3rd Day into my Sunrider Detox. My doctor, Dr. Becky Whelchel, approved and loved it.

I’ve lost 2 lbs, now 125, and I’m thinking quicker, feeling stronger (pushing more weights) and sleeping more peacefully.

The effects of the detox bring a few negative affects right now. At the beginning of my detox I feel a little more tired than usual. During the day, I have a bit of  a headache, I feel mucus in my throat and I’m craving bad food- sugar,  bread  and wine.

Hey, those foods are what I’m staying away from. Those are my foods that make me ache, put weight on me, weaken me, reduce my clarity and support non-productive thinking. It’s so weird that my body wants them.

Its time to be strong and commend myself each meal for making a choice to feed myself wonderful whole foods that includes a plethra of vegetables and fruits, (thanks to Sunrider).

Mornings include the VitaShake, strawberries, bananna and Quinary and start with warm Calli tea with SunnyDew.

Snacks are apples and a piece of Ezikeil Raisen bread

Lunch is @ 6 ounces of lean meat and salad.

Snack is a SunBar or an apple. More Calli tea and Fortune Delight.

Dinner is a salad. (Slim caps and Dandelion Root caps are included at each meal.)

2nd day I was quite hungry. I had lunch and dinner business meetings and just ate the salads.

I’m having one bowel movement a day. Drinking the teas has me urinating often, the cleansing is occuring for sure.

Right before bed I was hungry again. I had three bites of a cooked chicken breast.

Every morning I’ve continued my weight lifting routine and stretched. I was able to take a few minutes the 1st day and ride my bike 2.2 miles for a 15 minute ride. But work got in the way and I’ve not been able to ride the bike on day 2 & 3.

Getting the aerobic exercise each day would help me loose more weight faster. So if that’s important to your goal, get r’ done.

I’ve avoided chicken wings, pizza, wine, bruchetta, donuts, chocolate cake, chips, pasta and soda the last 3 days. Oh those business meetings are so unhealthy for my detox but I am being strong. That last meeting at Fleming’s steakhouse was TOUGH.

Tomorrow is Friday. I love to have a glass of wine on Friday. Not this time, I want to detox for 10 days and I’m going to do it.

I’m going to loose 5 lbs and grow less and less dependent on the bad food in my life. Here’s to my wellness intentions.

Christine Marek

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