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VitaFruit & Evergreen

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Legend has it, that Genghis Khan discovered new fruits when he was conquering Asia. When he was in Mongolia, he fed his soldiers the combination of these rare fruits, and he noticed they had more energy, were able to march longer and cope with the heat and humidity. Dr. Chen has reintroduced these fruits to the world and named the product VITAFRUIT. The Hou Han Guo herb in the VitaFruit has been known to help with the throat, voice, and speaking. One time when Dr. Chen was asked what the secret of VitaFruit was, he answered that he felt there are so many naturally occurring nutrients in the VitaFruit that man has not even discovered yet. With all the antioxidant research going on today, Dr. Chen is light years ahead of everyone else because of his concentration and whole food nutrients instead of isolated chemicals.


VitaFruit benefits the body for tissue repair throughout the entire body. It is easily digested and tastes great! There is so much information today about the benefits of antioxidant foods helping us fight the negative effects of pollution. Free radicals are chemical bombs that can cause the cells to change abnormally. When the body has plenty of antioxidant foods like VitaFruit, and many more of our Sunrider foods, it helps the body fight off the negative effects of pollutants and chemicals we are all bombarded with every day of our lives. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are also great antioxidant nutrients that fight the free radicals and help prevent the damage they do in our bodies.

VitaFruit is also rich in iron. Antioxidants have also been found to be important in anti-aging. They seem to strengthen organs and muscles. If you are not eating your five fruits and vegetables each day, VitaFruit will help you get those missing nutrients.

Since heat will destroy the nutrients in Vitamin C, only add it to cold liquid. VitaFruit will stabilize the Vitamin C in VitaFruit. It will not dissipate out for 72 hours after it has been mixed up. When we cut an orange open, the Vitamin C will dissipate out in about 20 minutes. Even orange juice, if not freshly squeezed, doesn’t have the Vitamin C that is in the orange. Most orange juice products have to be fortified with synthetic ascorbic acid because the Vitamin C has been lost in processing.

I personally love my super-cocktail of VITAFRUIT and EVERGREEN. It is a delicious icy drink. EverGreen is highly

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concentrated liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that equates to the red blood in our bodies. It is identical to blood except for one molecule (magnesium). When Chlorophyll is consumed it fortifies and oxygenates our blood and helps the body build our iron supply. Most other liquid chlorophyll products contain water-soluble chlorophyll which does not allow the oxygenation. Iron supplements frequently cause constipation – not EverGreen! As a matter of fact, research shows that chlorophyll can benefit the small and large intestines and lubricate the illeocecal valve (where the small intestine empties into the large intestine.)

Stay healthy this winter by adding these three tasty foods to your basic Sunrider program.
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