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Sunrider Nourish, Balance, Cleanse with HCG

This is my Sunrider Nourish, Balance & Cleanse with HCG Journal.

Many of you asked me to document how my progress is going. So here it goes.

First, I start out with a confession that I have not been eating the healthiest. Thank goodness for Sunrider for helping me balance out the pollution I put into my body, i.e. ice cream, tortilla chips, cheese, alcohol… love Pinot Noir, lots of breads, etc.. you get the picture.

From my excuses with stress, family issues, personal and work challenges I’ve eaten badly at times and my weight has risen to 132 pounds as of the start of this NBC with HCG diet, May 13.

A week has passed and I weigh 127 lbs. I’ve been at a status quo with this weight for two days.

8 am

I inject .2 ml into myself in the morning.  5 Quinary Capsules, 2 Dandelion (morning and night)

I eat half an apple- Drink Calli Tea Reg. with Stevia

Light exercise- walk or bike with my dog, Max.

10 am

Drink Calli Tea Reg. with Stevia and mix with Plain NuPlus


1/2 chicken breast with salad- dressing is balsamic vinegar

3 pm

1/2 apple if I like and more Calli Tea Reg. with Stevia and NuPlus.

5:30 pm

Salad with 1/2 chicken breast

Day 4… I ate several strips of fish and a handroll. Boy that felt good.

Extra… munching on occassion with celery and red peppers.

I’m really not that hungry, my energy level has been very good.

Today- Day 6 feeling really achy below from my waist down. Very tired this morning, too.

The night before and last night feeling really achy… hard to sleep, urinating alot…

Only one poop this week. Sorry for being graphic. I think I’m achey because I need to release the toxins. There I go thinking :) )

The Plan: I plan to finish the cleanse on Monday, 5.27. The day before I move our office & home to the San Diego area. My goal is to be 120 lbs by then.

I hope I can stay strong.  I am moving and starting a new life and wanted to thank my body for hanging in there. So I wanted to purge not only stuff in my house but stuff on my body. How’s that for being over ambitious?

I really needed to do the cleanse and love how I am nourishing myself with Sunrider. Updates to come.

Christine Marek