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Stopped a cold yesterday thanks to my Sunrider herbs- Alpha 20 C. Yippee!
Alpha 20 C has Chinese white flower, paris herb, scutellaria herb root, dandelion root and imperata root. It is an ancient recipe to boost the immune system and it works.
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Calli Tea Fan.. Dan Baglione

Testimonial: This is a bit long. Feel free to edit/shorten it. I have a website at
I started running shortly before turning 47 (in 1977). I am now 81. While my aging knees limit the amount of actual running I do, I still walk, jog, and even run a little on local trails and roads. I am currently averaging 33 miles/week doing 10 to 13 miles at a time 3 days/week. Several years ago, I met and began running with a local lady who introduced me to Calli tea (Regular). She was my source; but she and her husband subsequently moved to Montana, and I stopped using Calli. I have been a drinker of cold, sweet tea for more than 55 years, 365 days a year. In my early days of running, there were no special sports drinks or even running shoes. Sweet tea was one of my sport drinks at that time (also uncarbonated coca cola). I later learned that many other runners also used sweet tea in those years. Eleven months after I started running, I did my first marathon. It was a very hot day. My wife met me at the 20 mile mark with cold water and cold sweet tea. I drank about 1 quart of each before continuing on to the finish.
In 1979, after having completed a few more marathons, I did my first ultramarathon (any distance beyond 26.2 miles). It was a 50K (31 miles). The following year I did a 40 mile run (Moon to Noon) from Palos Verdes, CA to the Santa Monica pier.In the ensuing years I have started more than 100 ultramarathons. I have finished four 100 mile trail runs, many 50 mile runs, two 6-day races, and two 7-day races. I finished the Ironman Triathlon in February, 1982. Ran around Lake Tahoe (72 miles) in September of that year. In 1987, I hiked to 18,000 ft in Nepal for a great view of Everest, Then, two days later, I started the first Everest Marathon at 17,000 ft finishing at 11,300 ft. In February 2000, at age 69, I hiked with a full pack (~45 lbs) to just over 20,000 ft on Aconcagua in Argentina. I have been physically active most of my life. I am very grateful to my parents for the genes they gave me.
About two weeks ago, my wife discovered a box of the Calli tea which has been lurking unknown for at least 7 years. I made a little less than a quart of it, sweetened with much sugar, and put it in the refrigerator to get cold. I then did a strenuous 10 miles on a hilly trail. When I returned from that outing, the first thing I did was drink some of that tea. I had forgotten how much I liked the taste, and I became aware of how refreshing it was to my tired body. Over the next few hours, I consumed all of the tea and learned that not only did it taste very good, but also, my recovery from the effort of the day was much quicker than in the past. I have since made it a point to make a quart of the Calli tea before each long outing. I have compared the effect with that obtained drinking ordinary tea (black tea) as in the past. While I still enjoy toe ordinary sweet tea, it does not provide the recovery effect of the Calli tea. I shall continue to drink ordinary sweet tea on a daily basis, but I shall have Calli tea waiting for me on those days that I walk/jog several miles.

Tricia, Love of my life since 1952!

I love Calli Tea when I…

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