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Juice Plus and Sunrider.. what’s the difference told by Laura

Laura Smitherman, 11.30.11-

About 18 years ago or so I used to sell Juice Plus.  I had learned both the vegetable and the fruit capsules contained live enzymes.
When I tried to explain this to my mother she didn’t believe the enzymes could still be alive.
The reason I became interested in Juice Plus was that I survived Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and was looking for a better diet.  None of the doctors at the time of my illness even thought about vitamins and nutrition as being beneficial for healing and health.  I feel this product was one of the leaders in the phytonutrient awakening. Little did I know that Sunrider was already being produced in the United States at that time.  Dr. Tei Fu Chen and Dean Black started Sunrider in 1982.
Sunrider is based on the philosophy of regeneration – nourish, balance and cleanse.  When NBC (nourish, balance and cleanse) are performed the human body tends toward health.
The time I ingested Juice Plus I never really noticed any specific changes in my health other than realizing I was partaking of a product that was beneficial to my health.
I stopped taking Juice Plus long ago.  About two years ago I suffered an extreme allergic reaction that left me with swollen ankles, feet, wrists and hands.  I saw a REIKI master who told me to start eating organic foods.  In a local newspaper Christine Marek was advertising her health lectures at the local library.  She introduced the people who attended this lecture to Sunrider products.
She gave me some samples (which unfortunately I left on the counter and my dog ate most of them, but he didn’t suffer any bad reactions – just the wrappers in his poop!)  I got more samples and noticed right away I could feel things in my kidneys.
I used to suffer from headaches and indigestion but once I started to eat and drink the Sunrider products it occurred to me that I no longer had the headaches and wasn’t taking Maalox or Pepto Bismal for indigestion.  My digestive system started working like it was supposed to (eat and poop, eat and poop!)  My skin and hair are more clear and shiny and my nails are strong and grow longer in a shorter amount of time.
One of the most amazing things I learned about the Sunrider products is that they are processed to maintain the live enzymes.  You may wonder how that can be, but Dr. Chen created a process that dries the herbs, seeds and fruits so the enzymes in them go dormant until they are reconstituted with a liquid.
Nu Plus and Vitashake are great examples of the enzymes reawakening.  When you mix the product with a liquid you need to drink it right away.  If you leave it to sit it becomes thick because of the enzymes are awakening and then you end up having to eat it with a spoon!
Juice Plus doesn’t have this capability.
I read a book written by Dr. Edward Howell called “Enzyme Nutrition” the food enzyme concept.  From this book I learned our bodies don’t function without enzymes!  Digestive and Metabolic enzymes are what makes our bodies run.
In the end Sunrider is superior to anything else, even Juice Plus.
Please call me with any questions.
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